Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA)

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22 months
€ 31750 for the entire master (free from VAT)
Study load
15-20 hours / week
Full time/part time

Part-time Master in Business Administration: a solid foundation for your international career 

In today's complex business environment you have to be alert and respond in time to the many changes and innovations. In the part-time Master of Business Administration (MScBA) you will learn how to tackle these challenges from a broad view and different perspectives. Our MScBA is an international business management program in which you strengthen your leadership qualities. With the Master's degree in Business Administration you lay a broad foundation for your international career.

We also offer a part-time Master in Business Administration in Dutch. Besides our Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA), we offer a broad selection of other business administration programs.

Leadership and personal growth

In the part-time Master in Business Administration (MScBA), you’ll develop yourself and grow your skills in areas like negotiation, presentation and leadership. You’ll become more effective, see opportunities earlier and anticipate changing business models and markets more quickly. In 22 months, you’ll develop into an internationally oriented management professional who creates impact by combining growth in leadership with substantive knowledge of business administration.

Why choose TIAS School for Business and Society?

  • A top-ranked business school in Executive and InCompany Education according to the Financial Times
  • The TIAS Full-time MScBA is the #1 Master’s Degree in Management in the Netherlands, according to The Economist
  • Our participants rated this program 4.49 out of 5 in the 2019 National Student Survey
  • Internationally recognized MScBA degree, accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (“NVAO”) and the AACSB, the main international accreditation for management degrees
  • TIAS prioritizes personal attention, so you can reach your full potential: in an intimate school environment (small class sizes and ample personal attention).
  • Directly applicable scientific and practical knowledge

Participant profile Master in Business Administration

The part-time Master of Business Administration is intended for professionals and young executives who want to increase their chances of a successful international career. It's a valuable program for those who wish to increase their knowledge in international business management or business administration.

The background of participants is broad. They have a number of years of working experience and a completed college or university education. They have international work experience, they seek it or they work in international companies. They are currently active in diverse junior and medior management, teamlead, consultancy or specialist functions in various sectors. The average age of participants is 30. What binds them all is the strong drive and ambition to grow in an international context; on professional and personal level.


Customized to your needs

Studying at TIAS means an education to fit your requirements. Our program adviser is always available to discuss which study components are relevant to you and how to combine your study with your job. You will also receive advice on career development to support you in making the right choices for a successful career.

Are you interested in a full-time Business Administration degree? Then our Full-time Master in Business Administration might be something for you?

Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration: combining theory and practice

The business world can be unpredictable and is subject to constant change. This can give rise to complex issues, which form the basis of the Part-time Master in Business Administration. Theory and practice are combined. This will help you apply what you have learned to your challenges at work. Once you have completed the part-time Master in Business Administration, you will have a clear understanding of what you can do to improve the way your company is run. This will help you achieve new results and become—and stay—successful.

Boost your international career with the part-time Master in Business Administration (MScBA)

Our goal is to boost your international career as a management professional and prepare you for the next step in your business journey. With the part-time Master in Business Administration, you will gain both scientific knowledge and an understanding of real-life situations. You will be taught by the best professors and experts in the field who are fully up-to-date on current management trends. You will be working with motivated participants with a similar academic and professional background, so you will be well-matched to challenge each other.


What can the TIAS part-time Master in Business Administration do for you?

  • Improve your career prospects: many participants take their next career step within two years of obtaining the MSc in Business Administration.
  • Become an agile leader thanks to the excellent skills and expertise you have acquired and set yourself apart in a competitive, dynamic, and rapidly changing business environment.
  • Gain a better understanding of relevant topics in the boardroom or at MT meetings.
  • You will build a solid foundation in general business, as well as specialize in a business area of your choice.
  • Learn to balance various perspectives and interests when making decisions.
  • Use our TIAS Connect community and Alumni Services to build and maintain your network, even after completion of the program. This way, you will have access to a network of professionals who share your drive and ambition.

What can this program do for the organization you work for?

  • You can put the up-to-date academic and international business knowledge and insights immediately into practice for the employer or client organization: there are several assignments that are directly linked to the organization.
  • You investigate a challenge within the organization and deliver an extensive, useful and high level graduation project. The project is supervised by a professor.
  • Because many experiences and insights are exchanged, you gain insight in how other organizations anticipate challenges. In this way you benchmark ideas and experiences from your organization.
  • The focus on business and society provides you with unique insights into how business models can change significantly. This allows you to make a meaningful contribution to the agility of your organization.
  • This program boosts the motivation of participants. In this way, it contributes to the retention of employees and the strengthening of their qualities: they can be deployed more widely and make an effective contribution to change.
  • If the employer contributes financially to the program, then study costs are deductible for employers as business expenses. Read more about the financing options for education.


Study load 

Online and on-site: the program is designed in such a way that it is possible to optimally combine your studies with your job. You follow lectures at Utrecht Campus for 2 days per month on Friday and Saturday. The part-time Master in Business Administration (MScBA) has a study load of 15-20 hours per week. As part of the learning experience, you will use the online study environment. Because we value personal guidance, you can always contact us with all your questions about your studies.

Alumni about the part-time Master in Business Administration

With the part-time Master in Business Administration, you will not only improve your knowledge and skills, but also build an extensive professional network. This makes it a valuable program for our participants and alumni.

"With my previous Master I gained theoretical knowledge, at TIAS I found wisdom. I was looking for an international Master's degree that would work with my busy work schedule. TIAS' programs stood out. The program's structure made it possible to combine work and study. I got to know a group of ambitious and motivated students and I was taught by the best professors. After completing the program, I took over my father's consultancy firm. TIAS gave me the courage and confidence to build my future as an international business consultant."

Danaë Huijser - Director and Lead Consultant at CMC Europe

Content of the part-time Master in Business Administration (MSc)

The part-time Master in Business Administration offers basic modules on management topics such as finance, marketing, and supply chain management, combined with in-depth modules. In these modules we introduce you to the world of big data, innovation, and responsible leadership, among other things. Block 3 also includes an international study trip. For your thesis, you may use a topic from your own workplace—this will help you directly contribute to your organization.

Overview of the part-time Master in Business Administration

  • Premaster
    Prepare yourself to start the master (Partially) compulsory in case of academic deficiencies.
  • Phase 1: Learn modules
    Get the latest insights and research in international business management.
  • Phase 2: Change modules
    Get insight in tomorrow’s game changers in business and society and learn how to transform them into opportunities.
  • Phase 3: Lead modules
    Get insight in organizational, board room and management dynamics to grow and make impact as a future leader in your industry.
  • Masterthesis
    In the final phase of the program you complete your Master’s thesis.

Download the brochure for more information about program design and content.

Accredited MScBA Master's degree

Once you have successfully completed the program, you will be awarded the title of Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA). This master is academically accredited by both the international AACSB and the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

Tuition fee part-time Master in Business Administration

€ 31750 for the entire master (free from VAT)

This price includes:

  • Day packages (lunch, dinner on Friday, coffee/tea, and soft drinks) during college days
  • Registration and administration costs (€ 2000) *
  • International study trips (the substantive program) 
  • Access to the online learning environment
  • Access to webinars and must-reads on the alumni website
  • Mandatory literature, study books and teaching materials

* These costs will not be deducted in the event of a cancellation.

Possible additional costs:

  • An overnight stay with breakfast per weekend module (€ 1800) 
  • Prepcourse/Premaster, if necessary (€ 400 per module) **
  • Travel and accommodation costs during the study trips 
  • Software licenses (if specific software is required)

** During your application, the Admissions and Assessment Committee will determine which premaster modules are required. 

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read about the possibilities here »

The MScBA program is offered right in the heart of Utrecht at our campus.

  • Utrecht campus: with six lecture halls, seven breakout rooms and one scrum area, the new TIAS building is a modern academic facility.
  • Easily accessible by public transportation


Challenge yourself and create your own impact.

Apply for the part-time Master in Business Administration.


Admission requirements

We aim to form groups of participants with lots of talent and potential. That is why we have strict admission requirements for our part-time Master in Business Administration. This helps us guarantee our excellent education.

We ask the following from our participants:

  • You have a Bachelor's degree and/or Master’s degree
  • You have completed the prep courses/pre-Master (depending on your education and background)


Program adviser

Once we have received your application form, our program adviser will contact you to discuss your application and the next steps.


Applicants may be required to complete the Pre-Master before starting the Master of Business Administration (MSc). This helps us ensure that all our students are similarly qualified. Ultimately, that means you benefit from the collaboration with a motivated group of talented participants.

More information about the Pre-Master >>

The faculty selected to instruct in the MScBA program are distinguished senior faculty from TIAS, Tilburg University and other well-known institutes around the globe. They are selected for their demonstrated teaching ability and field experience. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of researchers and practitioners in their respective fields. All of our instructors share TIAS’ commitment to distributing and creating knowledge. MScBA students engage with and learn from these scholar-practitioners in a variety of settings at different stages of the program and in a range of ways, from class to case discussions and debates to in-class hands-on experiments or out-of-class consultations

Academic Director

Alfred Slager
Full Professor


Jalal Ashayeri
Full Professor
Zhané Bastiaanssen
Zhané Bastiaanssen
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 3902

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Our participants rate the Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration (5 point scale) with a

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