Alumni career development

Are you considering a next step in your career? 

After your program at TIAS, there may be a time that you reflect on your current job and/or your future career ambitions. What career problem you want to be solved?

  • I feel I’m ready for the next step, but don’t know what I really want.
  • I know what I want, but my CV needs a make-over.
  • My LinkedIn profile is not up to date, and I don’t know how I can use LinkedIn for my job search/networking opportunities.

TIAS is offering career consulting sessions to help you finding answers about your career related questions

Career consulting

You will start your career consulting with an initial orientation session with a career consultant. In this brief session (free of charge) we will discuss your ideas, needs and expectations regarding your career path.

After your needs, expectations and a suggested approach are clear and you decide to continue the career consulting, the next career consulting session(s) can be scheduled. 

TIAS will charge € 120,- (including VAT) per career consulting session.

You can contact Marleen Croonen, senior career consultant, to schedule your orientation session (free of charge).

What recent participants liked about career consulting:

  •  "The TIAS career consultant was able to open up doors that I was not able to open on my own. For example, my TIAS career consultant has contacts with different company recruiters ánd TIAS alumni, and was able to bring my resume to their attention in a way that I could not."
  • "Having help from a career consultant gave me more confidence to tackle my job hunt and create a clear vision of my future career path. This helped me to clearly communicate my goals in the job interviews as well."

Learning Lab “LinkedIn”

Objective: how to use LinkedIn for my job search/networking opportunities.

In this interactive learning lab we are offering you tips, tricks & insights by introducing LinkedIn networking fundamentals and skills. You will learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, to build and broaden your network, how to reach out to employers and groups and how to use LinkedIn for your job search and networking. We will talk about the strategies you need to make LinkedIn work for you!

TIAS will charge € 145,- (incl BTW). Register here for the next learning lab.

What recent participants liked about this learning lab:

  • “I gained several important tips and tricks to make my LinkedIn profile more attractive.”
  • “It showed me the unknown functions of LinkedIn that were as a mystery to me before.”
Marleen Croonen
Marleen Croonen
Sr. Career Consultant
+31 13 466 86 21