Alumni career development

Are you considering a next step in your career? 

After your program at TIAS, there may be a time that you reflect on your current job and/or your future career ambitions. What kind of a career issue do you want to solve?

  • I feel I’m ready for the next step, but don’t know what I really want.
  • I really don’t know what I want; it’s quite hard for me to define my qualities and talents
  • I know what I want, but my CV needs a makeover.I want to profile myself on the job market!
  • My LinkedIn profile is not up to date, and I don’t know how I can use LinkedIn for my job search/networking opportunities.

TIAS is offering career consulting services to help you find answers about your career related questions. This career consultant is a NOLOC-recognized career professional. You can contact Marleen Croonen, Senior Career Consultant, to schedule your intake orientation session (free of charge).


This orientation session is free of charge. We will get acquainted, discuss your working experience and more specifically your wishes, ambitions and expectations regarding the next step in your career. Together we will discuss and define what will be the best approach to reach your goals. This can be, for example, in one or more of the following areas: 

Targeted CV

  • How to make an impactful, targeted CV?
  • What is the solution I can bring (to a future employer)?
  • How can I increase the chances to get invited for a job interview or network meeting?

We will work closely together to describe your work experience, competences and unique talents in a powerful, targeted CV. Objective: trigger the recruiter; he/she is curious about you and decides to invite you; you convinced the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate.

Rate: € 175,- (including VAT) for a face-to-face or Skype session (60 minutes) and thereafter support/feedback by telephone (30 minutes). 


Are you actively looking for a new job? Could you profile yourself better and stronger on LinkedIn? Do you know what your added value is? This session we will focus on a strong LinkedIn profile, with a powerful summary. We will show you how you can use LinkedIn as a networking tool and how to find interesting companies and jobs.

Rate: € 175,- (including VAT) for a face-to-face or Skype session (60 minutes) and thereafter support/feedback by telephone (30 minutes). 

Network meetings

As you explore possibilities for the next step in your career, you will want to know more about the job market. 

Organizing network meetings can be a very efficient and valuable way to discover and know more about a company, a job and/or an industry. In a network meeting you will become more and more clear as to where you can add value. You will get to know yourself even more and will be able to brand yourself more effectively. You will increase your circle of influence.

We will offer you at least two network meetings in our TIAS-network.

Rate: € 120,- (including VAT)

You can contact Marleen Croonen, Senior Career Consultant, to schedule your intake orientation session (free of charge).

Reactions from recent participants:

  • "The TIAS career consultant was able to open up doors that I was not able to open on my own. For example, my TIAS career consultant has contacts with different company recruiters ánd TIAS alumni, and was able to bring my resume to their attention in a way that I could not."
  • "Having help from a career consultant gave me more confidence to tackle my job hunt and create a clear vision of my future career path. This helped me to clearly communicate my goals in the job interviews as well."

Package Deal I: Targeted CV & LinkedIn

Rate: € 295,- (including VAT) and support/feedback by telephone

Package Deal II: Targeted CV, LinkedIn & network meetings

Rate: € 345,- (including VAT) and support/feedback by telephone

In addition, we offer the following services:

Career orientation

Your objective is to get a good picture of your skills (competencies), qualities, talents, values, passions, motivations and interests. 

Together with the career consultant you will work on the following questions:

  • What are my qualities?
  • What qualities would I like to develop or improve even further? 
  • What are my talents? In what areas am I above average? 
  • What is important to me? What are my values?
  • What motivates me and gives me energy? What are my drivers?
  • What environmental factors are important to me? 
  • In which direction do I want to go?

The goal is to have this clear picture in one or two meetings. For a one-hour meeting TIAS invoices €120,- including VAT

Assessment “My career”

My Career is giving you an independent picture of who you are, wat your work preferences are and what you want. This is helpful if you want to broaden your scope, within or outside your current job. It’s broadening your self-understanding. By filling out My Career, it doesn’t mean that you have to do something differently; that’s up to you. If you like, you can share the outcome/your results with your career consultant of manager.

“My career” consists of digital questionnaires, which you can fill out at home. The questionnaires are about your personal traits, work motives, work preferences, preferred roles, talents, competences and change power. It takes about an hour to answer these questions.

When you’re finished, you can download your report immediately, with results on the several aspects of this assessment. In this report you’ll also find tips how to work on the next step in your career.

Fee: €450,- including report discussion (incl. VAT)

Application check

You found the perfect job opportunity. Now you would like to apply for this new challenge! You ask yourself the question: what can I do to get invited? How to use my network? Am I completely satisfied about my targeted CV? Is my motivation letter powerful and triggering?

Together we will discuss the best approach and we will fine-tune again and again until you are 100% satisfied about your application.

Rate: € 120,- (including VAT)

Preparation job interview

You are invited for a job interview. Don’t panic! Together we will get you prepared for this interview. From exploration of the company, learning about your interview partners, preparing your pitch and your added value as well as questions you can expect (and how to prepare the best for all of this).

Rate: € 120,- (including VAT)

Workshop “LinkedIn” (3 hours workshop)

Objective: how to use LinkedIn for my job search/networking opportunities.

In this interactive workshop (6 to 8 participants) we are offering you tips, tricks & insights by introducing LinkedIn networking fundamentals and skills. You will learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, to build and broaden your network, how to reach out to employers and groups and how to use LinkedIn for your job search and networking. We will talk about the strategies you need to make LinkedIn work for you!

What recent participants liked about this workshop:

  • “I gained several important tips and tricks to make my LinkedIn profile more attractive.”
  • “It showed me the unknown functions of LinkedIn that were as a mystery to me before.”

Rate: TIAS will charge € 175,- (incl VAT)

Marleen Croonen
Marleen Croonen
Sr. Career Consultant
+31 13 466 86 21