After your program at TIAS, there may be a time that you reflect on your current job and/or your future career ambitions. What kind of career issue do you want to solve?

  • I feel I’m ready for the next step, but I don’t know what I really want.
  • I really don’t know what I want; it’s quite hard for me to define my qualities and talents
  • I know what I want, but my CV needs a makeover.
  • My LinkedIn profile is not up to date, and I don’t know how I can use LinkedIn for my job search/networking opportunities.

TIAS is offering career consulting services to help you find answers about your career related questions. You can contact us at to schedule your half an hour intake orientation session (free of charge).


In this free, non-committal orientation session we will personally get acquainted and we will discuss your specific guidance question. Based on this discussion, we will jointly determine which approach/guidance suits you best.

The career consultant will send you a proposal by e-mail for one or more additional sessions at € 175,-- (incl. VAT) per session.

Examples of topics you can work on with the career consultant are:

Career orientation

Your objective is to get a good picture of your skills (competencies), qualities, talents, values, passions, motivations and interests. 

You will work on the following questions:

  • What are my qualities?
  • What qualities would I like to develop or improve even further? 
  • What are my talents? In what areas am I above average? 
  • What is important to me? What are my values?
  • What motivates me and gives me energy? What are my drivers?
  • What environmental factors are important to me? 
  • In which direction do I want to go?

Targeted CV

  • How to make an impactful targeted CV?
  • What is the solution I can bring (to a future employer)?
  • How can I increase the chances to get invited for a job interview or network meeting?

We will work closely together to map and describe your work experience, competences and unique talents in a powerful, targeted CV. Objective: trigger the recruiter; he/she is curious about you and decides to invite you; you convinced the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate.


Are you actively looking for a new job? Do you know what your added value is? This session we will focus on a strong LinkedIn profile, with a powerful summary. We will show you how you can use LinkedIn as a networking tool that will guide you to interesting companies and jobs.

We assume that your work experience, competencies, unique talents and motivations have been mapped out before we start addressing your LinkedIn profile; You know who you are, what you can do and what you want!

Application check

You found the perfect job opportunity. Now you would like to apply for this new challenge! You ask yourself the question: what do I need to do to get an invitation? Is my motivation letter powerful and triggering?

Our career consultant will be happy to receive the vacancy text, your concept CV and motivation letter and will study it extensively. Together we will discuss the best approach and we will brush up your CV, so that you are 100% satisfied with your application.

Preparation job interview

You are invited for a job interview. Fantastic, together with your coach you can prepare for this interview, so you feel confident to talk to your new employer.

Our career consultant will be happy to receive all relevant information in advance, such as vacancy text, your CV and motivation letter to prepare for the session.

Family business

Are you working in your family business? Do you want to excel or propel your position? Things are done in a certain way since the day that you’re born, especially when your parents are still involved in the day to day business. Maybe you feel the need of support to evoke the changes that the company need? It’s good to have an extra set of ears and eyes to have a closer look at your position and your performance. Feel free to contact the career consultant to discuss options for coaching.

Rate: € 175,-- per one-hour session


Do you have any questions about TIAS alumni career development? Contact us via

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