• Strategy, Innovation & LeadershipConfidence
    March 22, 2023
    Ron Meyer
    Ron Meyer presents an insightful tool to kickstart your thinking: the Confidence Quotient
  • TIASKnowledge_article-BasvanVugt _Visual2
    March 17, 2023
    Bas about EMBA: ‘’Theory is important, but you learn at least as much from each other’’
  • TIASKnowledge_article-CaioGarrido_Visual1 (1)
    March 16, 2023
    MBA-alumnus Caio: ’learning how to naturally connect business with society and the environment’.
  • TIASKnowledge_article-ErwinTuin_Visual2 (1)
    March 16, 2023
    Erwin Tuin: ‘’The concept Creating Shared Value really opened my eyes.’'
  • Strategy, Innovation & LeadershipDigital_Platform_Artikel
    March 1, 2023
    Ron Meyer
    What is a digital platform and can one emerge in your industry? 
  • Strategy, Innovation & LeadershipKnowledge_article-visual_article_change_management
    March 1, 2023
    Ron Meyer
    How should I interpret people’s reluctance to change?
  • Strategy, Innovation & LeadershipMindtheGapAtricle1
    February 15, 2023
    Ron Meyer
    Which challenges will you likely face if you try to implement big changes in your organization?
  • Strategy, Innovation & LeadershipInnovation
    February 1, 2023
    Ron Meyer
    How can I structure the innovation process in my organization? 
  • Strategy, Innovation & Leadershippressure-gauge-sitefinity
    January 16, 2023
    Ron Meyer
    How much pressure should I exert when talking to people? 
  • Strategy, Innovation & LeadershipDenkmethodes
    January 9, 2023
    Ron Meyer
    Which thinking methods can I use to explore issues and potential solutions?

Strategy, Innovation & Leadership

At TIAS, we operate on the basis of the philosophy that economic success goes hand in hand with social progress. New alliances between businesses, institutions and society are needed, for the purpose of developing new ideas and knowledge and of generating creativity and distinctiveness. TIAS facilitates meetings between very diverse organizations for the purpose of co-creative idea-sharing and innovation.

TIAS therefore emphasizes encouraging a critical and inquisitive approach, in addition of the transfer of knowledge and skills. By asking different questions, looking for new answers, with a positive impact on organizations, businesses, and society. New which demand high-quality applied research. 

Dossier Kickstart your thinking:
A series of insightful management models by prof. dr. Ron Meyer about strategy, organization, leadership, innovation and change. 
Kickstart your thinking

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