Full-time MBA

Location and start date
September 16, 2020
1 year
Study load
50 hours per week
€ 37,500
  • An internationally orientated degree which submerses you into a diverse, intellectually rigorous environment of peers, with contrasting backgrounds and experience.
  • Focus on personal development encouraging you to develop a strong foundation of knowledge combined with a real-world, marketable skill set.
  • Become an all-round, responsible leader by exploring societal aspects that go beyond the traditional management standards.
  • Jump start your career: Over 80% of our MBA graduates received employment within 3 months after graduation.

Globally driven economics and rapidly changing organizational dynamics call for exceptional leadership. To govern effectively, it is evident that a greater skill array is necessary. As a manager you are obliged to consider the bigger picture. Not the least to develop engaging personal qualities and a deeper understanding of the wider social ramifications your decisions may bring about.

Our full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program enables you to bolster your career by achieving carefully planned objectives. With a program encompassing academic, personal and societal progression, you will target key areas of development, making you an accomplished leader, both professionally and socially.

Today’s business leaders are obliged to go that extra step. Making exceptional decisions means that you consider the bigger picture. You are engaged with the world around you. As a successful leader you have the drive and tenacity to excel professionally, intrinsically understand the environment around you and be able to trust in your personal qualities.

Our full-time International Master of Business Administration degree is distinguished by its three-tier approach. The course matches break-through academic thinking with intensive personal development, while widening your understanding of business and its societal impact. Confidently improve your career with all the world- and business-insight an MBA offers.

Program Aims

The depth and scope of the program allows you to:
  • gain perspective on the dynamics between organizations and stakeholders
  • develop personal abilities to lead others and drive organizational change
  • benefit from the latest business research and strategic insights
  • get further societal understanding for balanced judgments and superior decisions
  • excel with a Personal and Career Development Program (PCDP), geared towards helping you understand better who you are and what you are capable of, so that you can establish, and work towards your ultimate career goal

End Result: Master’s Degree

Upon successful completion you will receive the degree title Master of Business Administration (MBA). In addition this program has received international (AMBA) and institutional (AACSB) accreditation.

Over 80% MBA graduates received employment within 3 months after graduation. 78% of our Non-European MBA graduates found a job in Europe after graduation. And around 40% of our MBA graduates received a job offer through their Management Project.


Regardless of what part of the world or business you are from, be prepared to meet the other parts. Diversity is the salient factor linking participants. A wide variety of geographical, professional and functional backgrounds make up the student body.

You will be joining a culturally rich group, brought together from across all areas of business. The most significant areas being finance, technology and consultancy, but also marketing & sales and the energy sector. You will have a solid professional background with at least 3 years of experience. Be prepared for a distinctive dip into how other cultures think and act in business. Shape your business leader qualities by drawing from the enrichment your diverse peer group offers.

Course Outline

Our tiered MBA program centralizes on 3 main development areas: Academic, Personal and Societal.


Built up out of 6 stages, each with a specific focus on refining expertise and skills.
Stage 1 - Course foundation, understanding basic functional areas of business
Stage 2 - Further building of expertise, deeper understanding of business functionalities
Stage 3 - Connecting vital interdependencies between functional areas
Stage 4 - Focus on Change to prepare you for finding tomorrow's solutions
Stage 5 - Enhanced insight, elect your own business focus areas
Stage 6 - Business engagement: excursion, international study week, management project

For a full list of courses, download the brochure or contact the Program Adviser.


Our Personal and Career Development Program (PCDP) is geared towards helping you understand better who you are and what you are capable of. Through workshops and coaching sesions you will establish and work towards your ultimate career goal.


Aimed at developing your understanding of society, the links between business and society and the impact you as a future leader and manager can have on society through:
  • fireside sessions with inspirational speakers from in and outside of the business environment
  • study trip to Brussels where you will gather insight into international business, corporate social responsibility policy making, and/or international law
  • develop necessary qualities to become a socially responsible business leader by mentoring teams partaking in an NGO initiative aimed at making a difference in the community

Successful enrolment in our Full-Time MBA is subject to a number of admission requirements. This is to maintain admissions quality. That way you can benefit from a high potential, motivated group of talented individuals to further enhance your learning experience.

Admisssion requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • A solid GMAT (average is 620; our school code is 23X-LT-99)
  • Minimum of 3 years relevant full-time work experience (average is 7 years)
  • Strong command of written and spoken English (TOEFL of 90 or IELTS of 6.5 is required)

A high GMAT score does not guarantee admission, just as a low score doesn't preclude admission. We accept students with lower GMAT scores if we believe this can be offset by stronger areas in one’s profile. Since we are such a very diverse school, we are keen to see whether you have worked, lived, studied abroad, or worked for an international company. So while a solid GMAT score is important, it is not necessarily a deal breaker.

Additionally, the GMAT requirement may be waived if you meet some specific criteria. As an example, the GMAT may not be required if you already have a PhD or a Master’s degree in finance. Please note that the Academic Director evaluates each applicant’s overall profile to determine whether the waiver may be granted. In some cases, we could ask you to take the TIAS Capacity Test (TCT) instead. Feel free to contact your program adviser to find out more.

Upon receipt of your application our Program Adviser will contact you to arrange an interview. All interviews are by invitation only. And all applicants will have the option of interviewing on campus or via Skype or telephone.

Pre-master program

Our pre-master program is designed to bring you up to the required Full-time MBA entry level. The pre-masters program consists of video tutorials, online classes and self-study materials, as well as an orientation session in Tilburg. In the interest of flexibility, it’s up to you when you complete which module.

The program contains the following modules:

  • Academic reading and writing: these modules prepare you for writing papers and reading academic literature.
  • Finance & Accounting: aims to familiarize you with key terms and Finance & Accounting formula’s
  • Quantitative methods: this module provides you with the basics of algebra and statistics.

Study load and costs

The actual pre-master study load is dependent on your level of academic ability. This will be assessed during your interview with the Program Adviser and will determine the shape of your pre-master program.

Academic Director

Eric Dooms
Eric Dooms
Associate Professor
Eric Dooms is Associate Professor of Strategy and Academic Director of the full-time and executive MBA programs. He obtained his PhD from Tilburg University on a study of headquarter-subsidiary relationships in large corporations. Eric taught modules on strategy at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels and has been strongly involved in... » read more


Michael Corbey
Michael Corbey
Full Professor
Michael Corbey holds an Engineering degree (ir.) and a Ph.D., both from Eindhoven University of Technology. He worked in the manufacturing industry and as a management consultant until he was appointed Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Tilburg University in 1993. His Ph.D. thesis (1995) dealt with the relationships between... » read more
Jalal Ashayeri
Jalal Ashayeri
Full Professor
Dr. Ashayeri is professor of Supply Chain Management at TIAS Business School. He is Academic Director of MScBA programs of TIAS, the Utrecht Campus.  Dr. Ashayeri is also a member of the Center for Economic Research (CentER) at Tilburg University. He has delivered guest lectures at various conferences, workshops and other educational institutes.... » read more
Frans de Roon
Frans de Roon
Vice Dean
Prof. Frans de Roon is Vice Dean and member of the Executive Management Team. As a member of the Executive Team, his focus is on Executive Masters, Faculty, Digitalization/ Customization and Education... » read more
Herbert Hamers
Herbert Hamers
Full Professor
Professor Hamers graduated with a degree in mathematics form the University of Nijmegen and completed his PhD at Tilburg University. Currently he is Professor of Game Theory and Operations Research at the Department of Econometrics and Operations Research of Tilburg... » read more
Toni Sfirtsis
Toni Sfirtsis
Associate Professor
Toni Sfirtsis is an expert in the area of Strategic Innovation & Future Leadership (Value Innovation, Business Innovation & Management Innovation). During the past 20 years, he has mainly worked as an executive consultant for a variety of organisations (commerce, manufacturing, financial and professional services) addressing strategy development... » read more

Total program price € 37,500.
The price includes:

  • Application fee of € 100. Applications can only be considered upon receipt of the non-refundable application fee.
  • Enrollment fee of € 4,000. Candidates accepted need to pay the enrolment fee to secure their place at TIAS. This fee covers registration and related administration costs, and is non-refundable.
  • All study books
  • All reading materials
  • All study trips
  • Access to the Virtual Campus
  • Alumni site access where you can browse specialist webinars and must-read articles

Additional costs:

  • Personal and medical insurance costs, amount to around € 50 per person per month
  • Living costs, including accommodation, insurance and general expenses, for overseas students, amount to around € 1000 per person per month.

This course is exempt from VAT.


TIAS School for Business and Society understands the financial commitment of funding an MBA. Like you, we also know knowledge is power and great education is priceless. This is why we offer substantial merit scholarships to qualified candidates. TIAS also aims to allocate its scholarships funds across the class. Most scholarships are essay based and all essays should reflect your personal point of view expressed in your own words. The quality of the admission application will also be taken into consideration.

Please contact our Program Adviser if you have any questions about applying for a scholarship.

How scholarship decisions are made?

When making scholarship decisions, the TIAS admissions board reviews all application materials submitted by candidates and assesses each candidate's overall qualities: academic profile, strength of overall admissions application, quality of admissions interview, and employability.

Loan Programs

Prodigy Finance - MBA Loans

Prodigy Finance’s innovative lending model offers community-funded loans to international students at the world’s top business schools, including TIAS Business School. The MBA loan is offered at an attractive interest rate and is available to candidates who have been accepted to the International Full-Time MBA program.

Visit the Prodigy's website for more details about the terms and conditions, and how to apply for a loan.

Tax Deduction

International Full-Time MBA fees and study-related expenses may be tax deductible. Please contact the local authorities in your country for additional information. For Dutch participants additional information is available on the website of De Belastingdienst.

The Full-time International MBA provides you with the latest theories, techniques and skills. You also obtain an extensive professional network. Therefore participants and alumni believe the program has been of great value.

Over 80% of our MBA graduates received employment within 3 months after graduation.


  • Song Younghan
    Song Younghan
    Logistics Manager at Samsung Electronics Dubai Logistics

    "The two things I benefit from most that I have learned during my MBA at TIAS, are cross-cultural understanding and logistical thinking based on theories. I use the knowledge and skills I acquired every day at work.

    Right after my MBA, I started my job as Logistics Manager at Samsung Electronics Dubai Logistics. I am responsible for logistics process innovation across the Middle East and North Africa Region. Performance management and contract review and renewal are also important parts of my job.

    The TIAS MBA prepared me for my new career in Dubai. The TIAS environment and the other MBA students helped me to develop into the global leader I want to be."

  • Haley Brodecki
    Global HR Operations Coordinator at APM Terminals

    "I had a great experience with the TIAS Full-Time International MBA. The quality of the faculty could not have been better and I was extremely pleased with the education itself.

    I found a job prior to graduation and I feel that much of this is owed to the program because of the excellent career preparation classes. My interview skills improved enormously and I gained confidence that I was able to use during the interviewing process.

    Overall I highly recommend the TIAS Full-Time MBA Program."

  • Bidisha Dasgupta

    'At the end of this one year, I can proudly say that I am glad I took this leap of faith and went to TIAS. To leave a secure job, step out of your comfort zone and go back to school leads to a lot of anxiety and apprehension because of the uncertainty. However, personally speaking, it has been completely worth it. The dedicated support and encouragement of the TIAS faculty and administration has contributed to making this year an enriching experience and an unforgettable adventure. This year has helped me grow academically, professionally and personally; and I will always cherish the lessons learned both inside and out of the classroom. Great faculty, stimulating lectures, interesting assignments, brainstorming sessions, study trips, personal coaching, career guidance – the focus was on all-round development. There have been so many new things to learn, and also importantly, old things to learn in a completely new way.

    Not to forget making friends from all over the globe and imbibing the incredible diversity in the classroom. It has brought me one huge step closer to being a global citizen.’


  • Anil Yildirim

    'When I look back on this year, the first sentence that comes to my mind is: “What a year it was!”. I moved to a new country, went back to school, made friendships with people from fantastic countries and cultures, learned a lot from brilliant academicians and professionals, participated in stimulating workshops and coaching sessions, partied and travelled, prepared a graduation project in one of the respected global Dutch companies and completed my MBA studies with the “Best Student Award”. In one year, I could tick off many items in my bucket list!' 


  • Ammara Naeem
    ‘Having completed my undergraduate education in the United States, I gained bulk of my experience at a US Consulate-affiliated school in Lahore, Pakistan. The role enabled me to wear several hats and evoked a keen interest in working closely with the business. To this end, an MBA appeared to be the next step in solidifying my future ambitions.

    'Looking back, the MBA experience has had a major impact on me, both personally and professionally. As a graduate, I have acquired a degree but also friendship with people from 18 different countries. Even with the busy schedules and hectic workload, every step meant progress. From the trips to the EU Parliament to attending classes in Milan, each experience brought a different perspective to light. The year has been full of sleepless nights and exciting times. At the end, completing my master project was a sense of major accomplishment. It gave me the opportunity to finally apply everything I had heard and learned throughout the year and that is when I finally felt like an MBA.'

Non-EU students following a full-time study in The Netherlands, are required by law to have both a valid visa and residency permit.

Visa help

We are happy to assist you in all your visa application matters. Whether you need visa advice, or want us to take care of the whole procedure. Our International Office is dedicated to helping you with your visa concerns.

Residency Permit

Non-EU students must have a residency permit in addition to their visa. A pre-condition for obtaining a residency permit is having valid health insurance. Our International Office will gladly guide you through the process, or advise you further.

What we need from you

To successfully handle your visa and residency permit applications we need the following:
  • a copy of your acceptance letter (provided by us);
  • a copy of all relevant passport pages;
  • proof of sufficient funding, either by you, by a sponsor or jointly;
  • proof of health insurance;

Dependent upon your nationality, the immigration office may have additional requirements. We will gladly provide you with further information. It is important to note that under Dutch immigration laws a visa obtained through TIAS is always restricted to a stay for the purposes of study only.


Should you choose to remain in The Netherlands after graduation, you may be eligible to extend your stay under the Admission Scheme for Highly Educated Migrants. You can obtain a one-year residency extension for the purpose of finding work as a highly skilled migrant, or by starting an innovative company.

This scheme seeks to make settlement more attractive. It encourages exceptional foreign talents, of economic added value, to pursue career opportunities in The Netherlands. Once you have suitable work (within a year), you are able to convert your one-year residency permit to that of a highly skilled migrant.

Read more about the Admission Scheme for Highly Skilled Migrants


We are pleased to provide international full-time students with a number of housing options. If you need assistance with finding accommodation, please contact your program adviser.


We have various housing options available across the city. All apartments are fully furnished, modern and within campus walking distance.

Rijtse Akkers Apartments

  • one-person studios
  • one- to two-person apartments

City apartments

  • shared apartments

Once you are admitted, additional housing resources are available. Ask your Program Adviser for details.

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Download brochure

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