Executive Master Information Management & Digital Transformations (MSc)

Executive Master Informatie Management en Digitale Transformaties
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Start- and course dates
October 30, 2024
Tilburg Campus
May 7, 2025
Tilburg Campus
All start- and course dates
6 days per module/19 months master degree
€ 35600 for the entire master (exempt from VAT)
Study load
12-15 hours / week
Flexible master
Full time/part time

Bridge the gap between business and IT

These are turbulent times for businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Businesses have dynamic needs, which require suitable technological solutions. They are also feeling the pinch from compliance, data security and the platform economy, in terms of both technology and organization. How do you successfully implement new technologies, like the “Internet of Things”, Blockchain, Cloud and Quantum computing, AI and machine learning? What will your business model look like? The Executive Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations (MIMDT) gives you practical skills and knowledge that you can apply directly to bridge the gap between business and IT. 

Part-time Executive Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations

Do you have extensive experience as a business manager, for example at a corporate, government or consultancy company? Do you work at at the interface between business and IT? Are you ambitious and would you like to take the next step in your career? Then, the part-time master's program MIMDT is definitely interesting for you. View here our entire offer of innovation, transformation & change programs.

Why TIAS School for Business & Society?

  • Financial Times top-ranked business school for executive and in-company education.
  • All lecturers are top experts from academia and the business world.
  • Directly applicable scientific and practical knowledge.
  • Flexible programs tailored to your needs.
  • MIMDT is rated excellent in the ‘Keuzegids Masters 2024’ on all criteria: content, faculty, examination, career preparation and atmosphere.

Admission requirements for the Executive Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations 

We aim for groups of participants with a lot of talent, experience and potential. That is why we apply admission requirements. In this way, we guarantee education at the highest level. What we ask:

  • a relevant bachelor's or master's degree
  • at least five years of work experience in a relevant field
  • an introductory interview with the Academic Director is part of the admission procedure
  • if applicable, successful completion of the required components of the premaster

Our participants talk about the Executive Master Information Management and Digital Transformations

The Executive Master Information Management and Digital Transformations is for managers and professionals who, through technical knowledge and understanding of business processes, support their organizations in making the right decisions at the intersection of business and IT.
  • TIAS Master Information Management
    Joost van de Koppel
    Digital Transformation Manager at Heijmans Utiliteit
    ‘’I was already familiar with the business side of things. Now I know the IT side as well and can unite those two worlds.’’
  • TIAS Master Information Management
    Veronie Boonk

    ''Now I know how to make that connection between IT and business.

    What appealed to me was the fact that you can put everything you learn to use immediately in your own day-to-day practice. Thanks to the improved understanding of the terminology and context, you also become better at assessing new future technologies.''


Take your next career step with the part-time Master MIMDT

Our part-time MIMDT program is designed to expand your career horizons. You want to develop yourself in order to play a key role in your own organization and in society. A critical thinker, you are looking for ways to further develop your understanding of business, innovation and information technology (IT) in the context of digital transformations and to put this knowledge into practice. The TIAS Executive Master of Information Management & Digital Transformations program improves your insight into the relationships between business, digital and IT strategies. Learn to connect the dots between different aspects of innovation and IT with regard to information requirements, data, security, compliance, tech stacks and business objectives.

Explore business opportunities resulting from new technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, the metaverse and quantum computing. Become a change manager capable of leading successful digital transformations and implementing innovative technologies. Get to work on the acceleration of your own organization’s digital transformation. If you are employed at a consultancy or supplier organization, you will work on your client’s transformation. Use scientific frameworks to analyze your organization or client and draw up practical proposals for improvement that you and your organization or client can implement immediately. 

How will the part-time executive master of information management & digital transformations benefit you?

  • Strengthen your ability to change organizations and lead digital transformations.
  • Develop an understanding of digital transformations, innovation and IT.
  • Present current issues at your own organization to receive feedback from lecturers.
  • Explore issues at your own organization in the course of the program, and draw up practical proposals to accelerate its digital transformation.

Personal leadership

Our Academic Director, Professor Erik Beulen will closely supervise your progress through the MIMDT Program. Erik can rely on more than 25 years of international experience in leading digital transformations and innovation implementation. This combination of close supervision and access to Erik’s experience promotes the development of your skills and knowledge and your professional growth, preparing you to face whatever challenges the future brings. 

Erik is your sparring partner during your studies. During individual meetings, you can ask for his input on issues you and your organization have encountered. Erik helps you think through these issues and encourages you to work out your own solutions in more detail, or to consider a different approach. 
He also supervises and assesses your assignments. His personal engagement allows him to keep close track of your professional progress and help you get more out of the program.


TIAS business school stays in touch with our alumni. This offers you opportunities to expand your own network. We organize get-togethers by study program, during which you can dive deeper into current events together. Renowned leaders from the public and private sectors discuss various developments and enter into debate on the implications. They share and reflect on their own experiences. In addition, you can participate in TIAS alumni activities to meet professionals from other fields.

Combining knowledge of business processes and IT

Our Information Management & Digital Transformations (MIMDT) program provides both content and strategic enrichment. It pays extensive attention to the various ways organizations can make use of scientific analysis and business cases to design digital transformations for the implementation of innovations and information technology (IT). Additionally, you will get to work on accelerating your own organization’s digital transformation.

Part-time MIMDT master in brief

This part-time Executive Master of Information Management & Digital Transformations (MIMDT) is made up of four core modules and four supplementary modules. The program is fully modular by design. You can choose to attend individual modules or the entire program. Depending on when you start, it is possible to complete the full program in 19 to 29 months. TIAS is also flexible in offering custom options, allowing you to complete elements of the program in your preferred sequence and at your own speed. 

Each module is preceded by a two-hour online introductory lecture by the program’s Academic Director. This is also an opportunity to present your own organization’s dilemmas for discussion during the in-person lectures to follow. 

These lectures take place at our campus in Tilburg. They are taught by experienced lecturers. The team consists of lecturers from Dutch and international universities. They help you make connections between scientific models and your own practice, as well as digital leaders from the private and public sectors.

The full course consists of four core modules and four supplementary modules.

Core Modules

Modula A - Digital Strategy

 A digital strategy is a continuation of an organization’s business strategy. Organizations use innovation and technology to create (public) value. To achieve this, strong connections between business operations and information technology are vital. This involves defining long-term goals, identifying the steps required to get there, and determining how organizations should be responding to changing market conditions and new technological developments. 

Module B - Enterprise Architecture and Information Security

Responding quickly to market opportunities and new technological developments requires the right architecture. Both enterprise and IT architecture are topics of discussion. To be able to design for change, these are the foundations. Additionally, this module addresses information security, covering both technical and management concerns, such as the need for cyber security insurance and how to figure out whether to pay the ransom if your organization gets hacked.

Module C - Digital Transformation

Digital transformations cannot be done by yourself. Partnerships and ecosystems are indispensable elements of a successful transformation. We also devote ample attention to ways to guide organizations through digital transformations and your own contributions as a change manager. 

Module D - Innovation in Information Technology

Besides discussing current technological developments such as AI, blockchain, IoT, the metaverse and quantum computing, this module covers the requirements to perform a good analysis of a new technology’s potential. We also take a look at new technologies’ impact on society.
You don’t have to take the above modules in any particular order. The program adviser will be happy to help you decide on a sequence to suit your learning ambitions.

Supplementary modules for Full Master

To be awarded an MIMDT MSc degree, you must complete both the core modules and the modules described below.

Module 1: Business Research Methods 

This module teaches you the basics of how to do research. It guides you through the performance of a structured analysis and the subsequent drawing of conclusions and formulation of recommendations.

Module 2: International Study Trip

We spend a week as guests at a university in the USA, attending lectures in the mornings and conducting company visits in the afternoons. You get a glimpse behind the scenes and discuss various topics with senior managers. 

Module 3: Capita Selecta 

You carry out research relating to digital transformation within your own organization. The recommendations resulting from your research are aimed at the acceleration of your organization’s digital transformation.

Module 4: Final Project 

In groups of three, program participants design a digital strategy for a specific organization. This final project makes use of everything taught during the program modules. You present the results to a panel of experts in a session that lasts two and a half hours. This presentation helps you to combine and apply the knowledge accrued during your executive master. You must design a digital strategy that incorporates all the program’s various elements. 

Result: A Master's Degree (MSC in Information Management & Digital Transformations)

This program is accredited by the NVAO (Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders) and is one of only 13 programs out of over 1200 MSc programs in the Netherlands to be rated excellent.

Find the best fitting moment to obtain your TIAS Premaster

The premaster is designed for people with a higher professional degree (“HBO”) who are interested in doing a master at TIAS. You can start your premaster at different times throughout the year. Your Program Adviser will be happy to work with you to fit the premaster into your busy schedule. We can offer you a personalized program where necessary.

Flexible design

The Executive Master Information Management and Digital Transformations starts at several moments . Following individual modules is also possible. Please contact the Program Adviser for this option.

NameLocationStart date
Executive Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations (MIMDT)Tilburg CampusOctober 30, 2024
Executive Master Information Management & Digital Transformations (MSc)Tilburg CampusMay 7, 2025

Tuition fee Executive Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations 

The Executive Master Information Management & Digital Transformations (MIMDT) consists of 4 core modules and 4 supplementary modules. The cost are € 35600 for the entire master (exempt from VAT).

The Executive Master in Information Management & Digital Transformations (MIMDT) is a modular program, which means it is possible to take individual modules. The costs per module are as follows:   

  • Module Digital Strategy €3340
  • Module Cyber Security and Strategic Business Architecture €6680
  • Module Digital Transformations €10.020
  • Module Information Technology Innovation €6680

The supplementary modules include BRM I & II, Capita Selecta, an International Study Trip, and the Master Thesis. The total cost for these is €15,200 if not taken directly as part of the complete master.

These prices include:

  • Day packages (lunch, diner/buffet, coffee/tea and soft drinks) during college days
  • Registration and administration costs
  • Access to the online learning environment
  • Mandatory literature, textbooks and teaching materials

Possible additional costs:

  • Overnight stays
  • Premaster (modules), if necessary (€ 450 - € 1350)**
  • Software licenses (if specific software is required)

** During your application, the Admissions and Assessment Committee will determine which premaster modules are required.

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read about the possibilities here »

Faculty Executive Master Information Management and Digital Transformations

Our faculty is deeply rooted in society and science. Because of this connection, they know better than anyone how to translate academic theories, models and principles into current developments and issues.

Erik Beulen, Professor in Information Management and Academic Director: ‘What I primarily aim to achieve is to support people in developing into future leaders, especially in how innovation can benefit both businesses and society.’

Academic Director

Erik Beulen
Full Professor


Piet Ribbers
Professor Emeritus
  • Prof. A.F. Rutkowski (Anne) – Research Methods – Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • Prof. H.A. Proper (Erik) – architecture – Radboud University, the Netherlands
  • Prof. S. de Haes (Steven) – COBIT – Antwerpen University, Belgium
  • H. Dikkers (Hessel) – CIO NS
  • Prof.  E. Berghout (Egon) – IT Cost and business cases - Groningen University, the Netherlands
  • G. Baarslag (Gerko) – CIO Fugro
  • Prof. J. van Hillegersberg (Jos) - Network enterprises & web services – TU Twente, the Netherlands
  • W. Gribbons PhD (Bill) - Customer Inspired Innovation – Bentley University, US
  • R. Tolido (Ron) – CTO Capgemini
  • F.C.B.M. Willems (Frank) - Leadership and Change management - VZVZ & Hanze University

Start your application

Following your enrollment, the Executive Master Information Management & Digital Transformations (MIMDT) Program Adviser will reach out to you for an initial introduction and to schedule an intake meeting with the Academic Director. The purpose of this intake is to discuss your development ambitions and the match with the learning objectives of the program. Upon a positive recommendation from the Academic Director after the intake, you will receive the official study agreement and can finalize your enrollment.

Zhané Bastiaanssen
Zhané Bastiaanssen
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 3902

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