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Executive Master Of Management In Education
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Start- and course dates
November 18, 2024
Utrecht Campus (Fully booked)
February 3, 2025
Utrecht Campus
April 7, 2025
Utrecht Campus
18 months
€ 36400 for the entire master (exempt from VAT)
Number of locations
Multiple locations
Study load
12-15 hours / week
2 times a year
Full time/part time

The impact of changes in education

The education sector is in a state of flux. New trends appear continuously. Digitization is playing an increasingly important role in this changing environment. As a result, substantial developments are still in the pipeline. Whether it concerns primary, secondary or vocational education: the impact of changes is often great.

Translating the strategy

As an education manager, you have several roles to play. You lead a school, department or team. You think about the future by anticipating opportunities and threats in the environment. You shape the strategy by translating it into concrete decisions and activities. You also strive for effective and responsible management. With the Executive Master of Management in Education (MME), you can further professionalize yourself in the field of policy, management, organization and leadership in education.

Part-time Executive Master of Management in Education (MME)

In the Executive Master of Management in Education, you explore the fields of mission and strategy, governance, leadership and innovation in depth. The lectures offer inspiring theoretical frameworks based on the results of current research. During these sessions, you will learn to analyze issues of policy & governance, networking & cooperation and organization & leadership from several points of view. This allows you to come up with solutions from a broader perspective in order to contribute to the public value of education in our society.

Why TIAS School for Business & Society?

  • Financial Times top-ranked business school for executive and in-company education.
  • All lecturers are top experts from academia and the business world.
  • Directly applicable scientific and practical knowledge.
  • Flexible programs tailored to your needs.


Studying at TIAS means flexible learning. You can always contact the Program Adviser to discuss which study components are important to you and how you can combine your studies with your work and private life in the best possible way. You will also receive advice on the development of your career, so that you can make the right choices for a successful career. The Executive Master of Management in Education commences twice a year.

Participants’ profile

The participants in this master's program work in all levels of education: from primary to academic education. This diversity of participants is of great value in expanding your knowledge and network. On average, the participants have 9 years of managerial work experience.

Admission requirements

We aim for groups of participants with a lot of talent, experience and potential. That is why we apply admission requirements. In this way, we guarantee education at the highest level. What we ask:

  • a bachelor's or master's degree in a relevant field
  • at least 5 years of work experience in the broad domain of education
  • an introductory interview with the Academic Director is part of the admission procedure.
  • if applicable, successful completion of the required components of the premaster.

Our participants talk about the Executive Master of Management in Education

The Executive Master of Management in Education is for professionals and managers in the education sector who want to develop their leadership and repertoire of action.

  • TIAS Master in Education
    Frank Dost
    Rector at Gymnasium Celeanum in Zwolle
    ''The Executive Master of Management in Education has prepared me well for my current role as Rector. I have noticed in practice that by sitting down to that question together with colleagues and taking the time to do it, a lot of energy is released and people automatically start to move.”

Take the next step in your career with the part-time master MME

With the Master of Management in Education (MME) you will take the next step in your career. You will attend lectures with leading experts and professors from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. This helps you to develop into a strategic partner for your own educational organization. The knowledge and insights you acquire allow you to come up with new ideas, excellent analyses and advice at the interface of policy, management and leadership in education. In addition, we offer room for personal development

What does the Executive Master of Management in Education do for you?

  • You acquire new knowledge and insights at the interface of policy, management, organization and leadership in education
  • You will learn to incorporate scientific texts in the field of (education) management in assignments aimed at your own professional practice
  • You develop into a strategic partner for your own senior management with ideas, analyses and advice
  • You work on your personal development
  • You will enhance your leadership skills and knowhow to take initiatives for change and improvement of education.
  • During the master's thesis, you will do research into an issue from your own professional practice
  • You benefit from contact with peers: learn from each other, spar and expand your network 

Result: master’s title MME or MSc

After successful completion of the program, you may use either the master's title MME or the international MSc degree. The program is accredited as a scientific master's program by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).
MME is a master’s program recognized by the Dutch council for primary education (PO-Raad), the learning objectives are in line with the competencies from the professional standard. The program is recognized for registration in the Dutch register of school leaders in primary education: Schoolleidersregister PO.

Make a difference and get your master’s title MME

The education sector is constantly changing. In order to cover all facets of education, we offer a varied program including lectures, working visits and a study trip abroad. Our teachers and faculty are experts in their field, have extensive practical experience and are committed to the program. The careful and personal guidance at TIAS and the part-time format ensure that you can easily combine the program with your job and private life.

Set-up part-time Executive Master of Management in Education (MME)

The Executive Master of Management in Education consists of three substantive themes and we conclude with a master thesis. Depending on your level of education, you may be required to follow the premaster first. Within each theme, we alternate professional knowledge with coaching and workshops. The MME master's program is inspired by Mark Moore's 'Public Value' model.

Theme 1: Mission and strategy

What public value do you want to realize? Which strategies are most suitable for this? What does the interaction with your environment look like?

  • Module 1: Strategic Public management
  • Module 2: Research: problem analysis
  • Module 3: Strategy and environment

Theme 2: Organization

How can you properly execute the mission and strategy? What organizational capacity do you need for this? How can you collaborate better, internally and externally?

  • Module 4: Organizations and networks
  • Module 5: HRM and professionals
  • Module 6: Co-creation with stakeholders

Theme 3: Support

How do you gain support for the ambitions of your organization? How can governance, leadership, (financial) accountability and innovation contribute to this?

  • Module 7: Governance and accountability
  • Module 8: Leadership
  • Module 9: Innovation (study trip)

You conclude the part-time master MME with a master’s thesis on a subject from your own professional practice 

Personal development

The personal development track runs through the MME program as a common thread. The aim of this is that, in addition to gathering knowledge and insights, you also take steps in your development and leadership qualities.

Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods (BRM) is part of your Master's degree. This module will help you make better decisions in situations where a solution to a problem is not immediately obvious because you are missing some of the information. 

For students doing an entire Master's program at TIAS, both BRM modules are mandatory. We recommend doing BRM I at the start of your Master's and BRM II at the end, just before graduation. Talk to your Program Adviser about the best time to schedule BRM I into your personal learning path. 

More information on Business Research Methods

Advisory interview with the Program Adviser

Are you ready for the next step in your career and do you want more information? Or would you first like to ask an alumnus about the part-time MME master's program? Or are you looking for advice on the financial possibilities? Please, feel free to contact the Program Adviser with any questions you may have about the part-time Executive Master of Management in Education.

Request a advisory interview

Getting started quickly with the Premaster as a HBO participant?

It is possible to start quickly with theTIAS Premaster (in Dutch) due to the various start and entry moments of this program. We also offer an English-taught Online Premaster which allows you to start immediately after enrollment. Customized tracks are also available if needed. Contact the Program Adviser to determine your ideal start date.

Start dates:

The Executive Master of Management in Education (MME) starts on

NameLocationStart dateHBO sign up WO sign up
Executive Master of Management in Education (MME)Utrecht CampusNovember 18, 2024 (Fully booked)August 16, 2024October 18, 2024
Executive Master of Management in Education (MME)Utrecht CampusFebruary 3, 2025November 8, 2024January 3, 2025
Executive Master of Management in Education (MME)Utrecht CampusApril 7, 2025January 10, 2025March 7, 2025

Tuition fee Executive Master of Management in Education (MME)

The Executive Master of Management in Education consists of three substantive themes, two modules of Business Research Methods (I + II) and a master thesis.

The costs amount to € 36400 for the entire master (exempt from VAT).

This price includes:

  • Day packages (lunch, coffee/tea and soft drinks) during college days
  • Registration and administration costs
  • Access to the online learning environment
  • Mandatory literature, textbooks and teaching materials

Possible additional costs:

  • Dinners and overnight stays
  • Premaster (modules), if necessary (€ 450 - € 1350)**
  • Software licenses (if specific software is required)

**During your application, the Admissions and Assessment Committee will determine which premaster modules are required.

Program Adviser 

For all your questions or tailored advice, please contact the Program Adviser.

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How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read about the possibilities here »

Faculty Executive Master of Management in Education (MME)

Academic Director

Femke Geijsel
Associate Professor


Theo Camps
Professor Emeritus
Patrick Kenis
Full Professor
Sietske Waslander
Full Professor
Marc Vermeulen
Full Professor
Roger Bougie
Associate Professor
Joerg Raab
Associate Professor
Arco van de Ven
Full Professor
Nicolette van Gestel
Professor Emeritus

Start your application

Following your enrollment, the Executive Master of Management in Education (MME) Program Adviser will reach out to you for an initial introduction and to schedule an intake meeting with the Academic Director. The purpose of this intake is to discuss your development ambitions and the match with the learning objectives of the program. Upon a positive recommendation from the Academic Director after the intake, you will receive the official study agreement and can finalize your enrollment.

Karin van Otterlo-Kox
Karin van Otterlo-Kox
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 86 56

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