Clinical Business Administration

Clinical Business Administration
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7 modules of 1 or 2 days
€ 5750 (exempt from VAT)
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Thriving in a complex healthcare system

You have just earned your degree as a medical healthcare professional or are still training to be one. The Dutch healthcare system is complex. Healthcare shortages, the necessity to innovate, and the need for new leadership styles — these are challenges today's healthcare professionals are facing. Challenges that are hardly being addressed in the basic medical curriculum. The Clinical Business Administration program is aimed at healthcare professionals who want to develop themselves in this area. Are you a professional who wants to focus on clinical patient care, but also be involved in how healthcare is organized? This program will give you the tools and skills you need to understand both sides of healthcare and to unite them in your work practice.

The Clinical Business Administration program is organized by TIAS in collaboration with the interest group De Jonge Specialist.

Clinical Business Administration participant profile

Participants in this program are young healthcare professionals, mostly working in a hospital environment. Given the breadth of the healthcare field, primary care professionals, health insurers and people working in the pharmaceutical industry are also welcome to participate. Participants have a willingness to develop themselves and a desire to improve the healthcare system and to implement healthcare innovations. The average age of participants is 30 to 40 years.

In the past years, we have worked with participants from the following organisations:

  • UMCG
  • Amsterdam UMC
  • Haaglanden Medical Centre (HMC)
  • Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC)
  • Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven
  • Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis
  • Treant Zorggroep
  • CZ
  • VGZ
  • Roche Nederland
  • Boston Scientific

Admission requirements

TIAS strives for participant groups full of talent, experience and potential. This is why we have admission requirements. This enables us to ensure the highest quality education for our students.

  • We require that all participants have completed (or nearly completed) a Master's degree in a relevant field.
  • Some management experience would be an advantage.
  • Familiarity with financial and business terminology would be beneficial.


Why take the Advanced Program Clinical Business Administration at TIAS School for Business & Society?

  • Financial Times top-ranked business school for executive and in-company education
  • All lecturers are top experts from academia and the business world
  • Directly applicable scientific and practical knowledge
  • Flexible programs tailored to your needs

Learn all about management challenges in healthcare through the Advanced Program Clinical Business Administration

The healthcare sector is under pressure. While the ingredients that make for a good healthcare system are present and we have the resources to provide quality care, the complexity of our healthcare system and the barriers between care units are making it difficult for us to do so. Healthcare problems cannot be solved in isolation. As healthcare professionals, we need to collaborate with other healthcare providers, policymakers, industry, and patients. However, we often have different perspectives and speak a different ‘language’. In addition to management skills, the Clinical Business Administration program provides healthcare professionals with an understanding of those different perspectives. Thanks to these insights you, as a healthcare professional, will be better prepared to navigate the complex field of healthcare and be able to thrive within it. This is not only valuable for your own development, but will also allow you to bring value to healthcare organizations.

How will the Advanced Program Clinical Business Administration benefit you?

  • Gain first-hand scientific knowledge about current healthcare-related management issues.
  • Learn to speak both the language of patient care and the language of managers.
  • Develop a business perspective and a political-social perspective on healthcare.
  • Grow your leadership skills and know how to apply these skills in practice.

Advanced Program Clinical Business Administration at TIAS

Clinical Business Administration is a compact program for talented healthcare professionals, covering all organizational aspects of healthcare, from leadership and financing, to quality, safety, and innovation. Within the program, attention is also paid to your personal development and management ambitions. This inspiring and intensive program consists of seven modules and is based on classic MBA subjects. Fully tailored to the healthcare sector and the role of healthcare professionals in the broadest sense of the word, the Clinical Business Administration program allows you to grow as a healthcare professional and as a leader, enabling you to drive your own development and that of your organization. The result? A higher level of patient care.

Opening, Strategy & New Realities
Gain insight into the structure of the healthcare system, developments affecting healthcare institutions, and the role of strategy development in healthcare organizations.

Discover the spheres of influence in healthcare organizations and learn what role you can play within your organization.

Learn about the key concepts of finance and understand how organizations use their resources and finance their investments.

Gain insight into healthcare organizations' primary processes and discover what is needed to develop a framework for providing demand-driven care.

Quality & Safety
Discover what 'quality care' means and learn to look at it from both the perspective of an individual healthcare professional and a manager.

Future of Healthcare
Learn how to effectively deal with the inherent tension between cost and quality, and how to enable the best care for patients while addressing efficiency.

Innovation in Care and Cure
Learn about the impact of social, technological and process innovations on healthcare institutions.

White Paper Presentation
You conclude the program by writing a white paper based on a relevant, real-life case and the knowledge and insights you have gained. This final paper is a group assignment.

Cost of the Advanced Program Clinical Business Administration

The cost of the Clinical Business Administration Program is € 5750 (exempt from VAT). 

The program includes:

  • Enrollment, registration and administration costs
  • Required literature, textbooks and course materials
  • Day packages (lunch, coffee/tea and soft drinks) on lecture days, meals during evening lectures
  • Access to the online learning environment

Benefits of the program for your organization or department

  • Participants learn to link strategy to finance while establishing a connection with the healthcare context.
  • Participants use the latest scientific insights to make a difference for their organization.
  • Participants become medical leaders who truly understand and master the dynamics of the healthcare chain, enabling them to bring added value directly to the organization.
  • Collaboration is an essential part of the healthcare profession, both in hospitals and partnerships. The program teaches participants to cooperate in interdisciplinary teams, with various stakeholders and across different levels and functions.
  • Participants gain insight into the organizational structure, strategy and finances of hospitals or partnerships. This allows them to make well-informed choices that contribute to the financial health and success of their organization.

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read about the possibilities here »

The Clinical Business Administration program starts on:


Data per module:

  • Module 1: June 13 and 14, 2024
  • Module 2: July 4 and 5, 2024
  • Module 3: September 12 and 13, 2024
  • Module 4: October 17 and 18, 2024
  • Module 5: November 21 and 22, 2024
  • Module 6: January 16 and 17, 2025
  • Module 7: March 13 and 14, 2025
  • Closing day: April 11, 2025

The program is subject to possible changes.

Following your application, the Academic Director will assess your CV and motivation. After the Academic Director has determined that you meet the admission requirements and your motivation matches the ambitions of this course, you will receive the official study agreement and you can finalize your registration.
Sophie Baars
Sophie Baars
Program Adviser
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