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Grow with challenging education at TIAS Business School

Do you see yourself as one of tomorrow’s leaders? Someone who will transform business, engage stakeholders and make an impact by assuming responsibility for your own actions and environment? TIAS helps you grow by offering you new, challenging perspectives on the development of strategies and innovative, future-proof business models.

A transformation mindset for business and society

As a School for Business and Society, our mission is ‘to develop leaders to serve society by transforming business.’ We believe that transformation is the only possible solution to the challenges of our time. Our educational offerings aim to stimulate and promote the development of a transformation mindset.

Integration of business and society

Our programs systematically incorporate Business and Society. Instead of offering separate courses on business and societal issues, we aim to include such content in our existing courses. To that end, we have designed a TIAS Business and Society Competency Framework. This framework consists of four competency areas, which you will encounter repeatedly throughout the program: Responsible Leadership, Collaboration, Business Modeling and Sustainable Innovation. 


Business & Society Competency Framework, © TIAS School for Business and Society 2022

A powerful combination

Each of the four competency areas covers three competencies. Every competency is defined by indicators relating to knowledge, skills and behavior. Each competency area is important, of course. Combining all four of them, however, is what will enable you to transform your business and make an impact as one of tomorrow’s leaders.

Learning with impact

Participating in a program at TIAS School for Business and Society means getting the most out of yourself and your available hours. The frequent interaction – both online and on-site – combined with the various work methods will keep you challenged and actively involved in the course material. You will continuously experiment with new knowledge and leadership skills in an interactive learning environment. You will be working with like-minded people who share your ambitions. You will gain scientific knowledge and insights you can put to use immediately in your daily work.

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Create impact with our flexible approach

TIAS has a flexible and accessible approach, using blended design programs.


TIAS' flexible approach will help you create impact:

  • Tailor your program and learning path to your educational needs
  • Learn a lot in a short time through frequent interaction
  • Study at your own pace, both online and on-site
  • Count on individual attention so you can maximize your results in the time you have available
  • Start whenever you want

Frequently asked questions about learning at Tias 

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Alumni packages for life long development

At TIAS, we believe in Life Long Development: continuous personal, professional and network development during and after your studies. Increase your knowledge, improve your skills and grow your network to create more impact and achieve success. Our special Life Long Development services are available in two alumni membership packages.

We have an extensive network of former participants. A TIAS program literally expands both your world and your worldview. And the best part is that this network is just one click away: TIAS Connect is the official network platform for TIAS alumni.


Experiences of participants

Alumnus Paul_Ticheler “I've been working in real estate for twenty years. Real estate involves much more than just building, and I wanted to learn more about this. In my search for a renowned study program, TIAS stood out because of its modular design. I have a busy job and this allows me to choose my own study times. This is what appealed to me in TIAS right away. The Master of Real Estate is an all-round management degree. I've gained some surprising insights working with other professionals. The intensive contact with the program manager is great. I am not a number.”

- Paul TichelerDeputy Director of the Janssen de Jong Business Premises Cluster



 Alumna Sanne van Heteren “The Master of Management and Organization is demanding, but you'll get out of it what you put in. I was looking for ways to further develop myself outside of work and found it at TIAS. The study modules are easily applicable in practice. By using simulations, you quickly find out whether a certain strategy works. There is plenty of personal contact due to the small-scale set-up of the program. My work involves a lot of deadlines. They can interfere with studying – that's why it's great that TIAS allows you to study at your own pace.”

- Sanne van HeterenJaarbeurs Brand Manager


Program overview

TIAS offers a wide range of open and in-company study programs, including in leadership, business administration, accounting, finance & control and governance. Are you ready to take your career to the next level and create more impact in business and society?

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Are you ready for the next step in your career and do you want to create more impact in business and society? TIAS has developed a wide and varied range of courses and learning paths for this purpose. Including MBA courses, Executive Masters, Advanced Programs, InCompany, Modules and Masterclasses. We offer courses and learning paths that match your ambitions, learning goals and career phase.

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