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Start- and course dates
November 12, 2024
Utrecht Campus
April 14, 2025
Tilburg Campus
November 4, 2025
Utrecht Campus
3 days
€ 3800 (exempt from VAT)
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Multiple locations

For whom?

What value do you create for society? And how can you make your contributions clear? For institutions and professionals in the public and non-profit sectors, this isn’t always simple. From child protection to care for the elderly, from education to cultural institutions; such organizations are fair game for society’s opinions, however poorly founded. High time you showed the impact you’re achieving!

Participant profile

Participants are senior professionals in the public and non-profit sectors. They work on the development of new approaches and projects to better serve their clients. To this end, they assess which objectives to work towards, resources to deploy and stakeholders to involve. They must defend their choices to the general public, administrators and politicians.

Some examples of participants:
  • Policymakers at government and social organizations
  • Municipal aldermen and council members
  • Directors and managers of welfare institutions and cultural organizations
  • Team managers at educational institutions and corporations
  • Controllers at care institutions

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  • All our lecturers are top academics and outstanding experts in their fields
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Why attend this program?

Increasingly, organizations in the public domain must field questions regarding the value they add to society and the impact of their actions. How are you improving child protection services, what is the impact of your housing policy, what increases in mindfulness have you achieved in education? To help make the ways in which value is achieved more visible, we have developed a new conceptual and working model: the Social Profit Canvas. In this master class, you learn the reasoning behind this model, discuss the approach and apply it to a case in practice.

What makes this program so strong and unique?

  • You learn a practically applicable approach to the explicit demonstration of your value proposition.
  • Widely applicable conceptual and working model for the design, monitoring and assessment of services you provide.
  • The Social Profit Canvas can be used at multiple levels, including at an organizational level or in an administrative context.
  • The Social Profit Canvas model is based on the latest scientific insights and its applicability has been widely tested in various sectors.

How will this program benefit you?

This master class teaches you how to define the impact of your work more accurately. You are presented with an overview of factors that can influence that impact and learn better arguments to demonstrate how you have used and influenced these factors in order to achieve a desired result. Consequently, you are better equipped to discuss your creation of added value in the public domain with stakeholders, collaborators, colleagues and managers. This increases both your impact and your influence.

After completing this master class:

  • You have a better grasp of your activities and have given your personal and professional development a boost.
  • You have a realistic understanding of the processes that go into the creation of social value.
  • You can use the Social Profit Canvas to analyze these processes and make reasoned decisions.
  • You know what organizational changes are necessary for successful social value creation.
  • You know what information you need to enable adjustment and assessment.

How will this program benefit your organization? 

It can be challenging for organizations to determine how to create and expand their added value. By using the Social Profit Canvas, organizations can make the effects of their actions more visible, define accurate objectives to heighten their effectiveness, and better express the impact of their policies. In these ways, they can expand public support and improve understanding of their added value.

  • Organizations are able to define their objectives (what they do and don’t stand for) with greater accuracy.
  • Accurately defined objectives make it easier to determine which resources to deploy and to be more transparent about these decisions toward their own staff and the outside world.
  • Employees become more motivated, as they can express more clearly how their organization is contributing to society.
  • Availability of an agenda allows employees to discuss means of implementation more effectively with colleagues, managers, directors and partners in society.

Organizations expand their public support, as they can show stakeholders why and how they are working to achieve certain objectives.

Program design Master Class Public Value Creation

The three-day Public Value Creation Master Class is based around the Social Profit Canvas model. It delves into the reasoning and starting points underlying this conceptual and working model. We also practice its application to your own projects and activities. We address what the implementation of this approach will require of organizations. Finally, we reflect on ways to make your impact more visible (observable and measurable) and which information can play a role in this.

Program component contents

Day 1
Making the value we create for society more visible is easier said than done. On the first day, you gain insight into the issues and processes involved in social value. We also introduce the Social Profit Canvas. What is it and what benefits does this model offer? A guest speaker uses a case study to demonstrate the use of the canvas in practice.

Day 2
Day 2 is all about implementation. Based on a case study, we guide you through the various steps of the canvas. We reflect on its shortcomings and benefits together. Then, we move on to impact-oriented working: which changes will be necessary to increase your impact? How can you make those changes happen?

Day 3
The Social Profit Canvas is only as good as your data. On the third day, we teach you how to take a critical look at the available information. How do you measure public value? How can you translate the resulting insights into policies? We also address the importance of policy adjustment and assessment. Finally, on Day 3 we consider your own context: how to make use of the Social Profit Canvas within your own organization.

Dates and Locations Master class Public Value Creation 

The Public Value Creation Masterclass starts at:

NameLocationStart date
Master Class Publieke Waardecreatie - 12, 13, 14 november 2024Utrecht CampusNovember 12, 2024
Master Class Publieke Waardecreatie - 14, 15, 16 April 2025Tilburg CampusApril 14, 2025
Master Class Publieke Waardecreatie - 4, 5, 6 November 2025Utrecht CampusNovember 4, 2025

Costs Master class Public Value Creation 

The cost of the Public Value Creation Master Class is € 3800 (exempt from VAT).

This price includes:

  • Catering packages (lunch, coffee or tea and soft drinks) during lecture periods
  • Enrollment, registration and administration costs
  • Access to online learning environment
  • Mandatory reading material, textbooks and learning resources

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

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Faculty Master class Public Value Creation

Our faculty is deeply rooted in society and science. Because of this connection, they know better than anyone how to translate academic theories, models and principles into current developments and issues.

Marc Vermeulen, Academic Director of Public Management: 'What I mainly try to achieve is to get people out of their past mindsets, to take the next step in thinking, together.'

Academic Director

Marc Vermeulen
Full Professor


Theo Camps
Professor Emeritus
  • Jaap Hoenderdos

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