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Take the next step in your career at TIAS School for Business and Society.

TIAS offers an inspiring environment in which you are challenged to continue to develop and there is plenty of room to contribute your own initiative.

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Why work at TIAS?

1. Create impact

At TIAS School for Business and Society, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of our participants and our society as a whole by contributing to the development of the next generation of leaders and professionals.

2. International environment

TIAS is an international educational institution with a diverse student and staff population. Working at TIAS means working with colleagues and participants from all over the world and broadening your horizons by getting to know different cultures and perspectives.

3. Professional development

We offer many opportunities for professional development and growth. Employees are encouraged to participate in training and workshops, and there is a lot of room for individual development. This can contribute to your personal and professional development and help you achieve your career goals.

4. Attractive employment conditions

TIAS offers attractive employment conditions and a pleasant working environment. As an employee at TIAS, for example, you can count on a competitive salary with good fringe benefits, including more than 30 days of leave, a fixed year-end bonus of 9.3%, a home work- and internet allowance, reimbursement of travel expenses and the freedom to work 50% from home.

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TIAS School for Business and Society



We believe business exists to serve society.


We develop leaders to serve society by transforming business.


We are the go-to school for business transformation that serves society.


We are an international hub for life-long learning and development for leaders who want
to have impact and serve society by transforming business.


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    Anouk Massuger
    HR manager
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    Applying for a job at TIAS

    What does the application procedure look like?

    1. Online application: You send your CV and motivation letter to hrm@tias.edu.
    2. Screening: After receiving your application, your resume and motivation letter will be reviewed.
    3. Initial interview: If you are selected for further application, you will be invited for an initial interview. This conversation can be digital or physical. During this interview we are very curious about your interest in the position, our organization and what you expect from us.
    4. Second interview: If the first interview goes well, you will be invited for a second interview. This will take a closer look at your qualifications, skills and personality and may include a practical assignment. Of course this is also a great opportunity for you to ask us everything that you wish to know.
    5. Proposal: If both parties are enthusiastic about the possibility of working together, we will make you an employment condition proposal.
    6. Contract: If you agree with the proposal, a contract will be drawn up and you are ready to start at TIAS!


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