Code of conduct international students

TIAS School for Business and Society is a signatory of the 'Code of Conduct with respect to international students in Dutch higher education'. This Code sets out standards for Dutch higher education institutions in their dealings with international students. By signing the Code of Conduct, the institutions offer international students a guarantee of the quality of their programs, student recruitment, selection and counselling procedures. This code of conduct is an initiative of the Dutch institutions and government

The Rules and Regulations are an integral part of the Code of Conduct. In this document the competences of the National Commission are specified and it also contains provisions for the complaints procedure.

If you feel you have not been treated properly by someone employed by TIAS, or if you disagree with a decision that affects you personally, you can respond in a number of ways.

Complaints procedure

A complaint relates to conduct towards you. You cannot submit a complaint about a general rule or scheme.


In the first place communication can be aimed at the person it concerns. Together you can try to come to an acceptable solution of the problem at hand.  You can also discuss your complaint with the program manager of your program. 


If you feel your complaint is severe, or if it is difficult to discuss or if the problem was not solved informally, you can file a complaint with one of the confidential advisors.

Appeal against decisions of the Examination Board

According to article 7.3 of the Rules and Guidelines of the Examination Board, participants have the right to appeal to the Academic Council of TIAS against decisions of the Examination Board during a period of 30 working days after the decision is notified to the participant.