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Executive Management Team

The daily leadership of TIAS School for Business and Society is in the hands of the Executive Management Team: 

Jenke ter Horst

Jenke ter Horst, Vice Dean TIAS

Prof. dr. Jenke ter Horst is the Dean & Director of TIAS School for Business & Society. He is responsible for providing leadership to management in defining the strategic course, the daily activities and the performance of TIAS.

Jenke is a professor of Finance. In the past, his research has focused primarily on portfolio management and he has published on Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund performance. In recent years, he has largely focused his research activities on socially responsible investing.

Jenke ter Horst: 'TIAS’ ambition is to become the European "go-to school" in the field of business transformation that serves society. A wonderful and exciting challenge, which I am happy to commit to.'

Charissa Freese

Charissa FreeseProf. dr. Dr Charissa Freese is Vice Dean of TIAS School for Business & Society. She is responsible for Faculty, Education and Research.

Charissa is a professor by special appointment of HRM & Social Security 1 day a week at Tilburg University. Her research focuses on the role of HRM in creating an inclusive labor market for non-standard workers, such as migrant workers, refugees, flexible workers, the self-employed and people with disabilities.

Charissa Freese: 'I would like to contribute to a professional and pleasant working and studying climate within TIAS School for Business & Society, whereby we provide top-quality education and conduct research that is relevant to organizations and society.'

Edwin Gerritsen

Edwin GerritsenDrs. Edwin Gerritsen is Director Business Operations at TIAS. As a member of the Executive Management Team, his focus is on operations management. A Business Economics graduate from the University of Groningen, Edwin’s professional career spans over 25 years of accumulated experience across numerous roles in Operations, Finance and General Management. He is a seasoned executive with a successful track record in the sports management and executive education industries.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of TIAS consists of the following members:

  • Peter Vrijsen
  • Willemien Bischot
  • Dorine Heldring
  • Arthur van Benthem (chairman of the Remuneration Committee)
  • Geert Duysters 
  • Hans Janssen (chairman of the Audit Committee) 

Peter Vrijsen

Peter Vrijsen - Raad van commissarissen TIASPeter Vrijsen studied Human Resources at Tilburg University. In 1981 he started his career at DSM, after which he held various HR positions at Medtronic and General Electric (including GE Plastics Europe) and others.
In 1998 Peter joined Metro as a member of the Executive Board of Directors at Metro Cash & Carry in Germany, where he was in charge of HR. In 2003 he became the Chief People Officer of InBev S.A. in Belgium. From 2007 to 2014 he was Chief HR Officer at Cargill in the U.S.A. In 2014, Peter returned to DSM as the Chief Human Resources Officer and a member of the Executive Committee. 

Willemien Bischot

Willemien Bischot - Raad van commissarissen TIASWillemien Bischot graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Amsterdam in 1991, where she completed several postgraduate programs in labor law and health law. While still at university she joined Dutch law firm Van Doorne (at that time still called Trenité Van Doorne), where she became a partner in January 2000. Willemien is regularly asked to give (guest) lectures and submit publications in the field of corporate law in healthcare. She also holds various other positions, including Commissie Evaluatie Regelgeving ZonMw.

Dorine Heldring 

Dorine Heldring - Raad van commissarissen TIAS Dorine Heldring graduated in Sociology in 1983 with a specialization in Organizational Studies at Leiden University. Having held various positions at IBM and RABO, she started Heldring Consultancy & Mediation Services in 2003 to pursue her interest in such focus areas as change processes, cooperation issues, labor disputes, and coaching. Dorine also held numerous management positions, including as an alternate member at the Social and Economic Council for Brabant, member of the Supervisory Board of the Pantein Foundation and hospital Maasziekenhuis Pantein, and member of the Board of Mediators Federation Netherlands (MFN) - Labor Mediation Group. Currently she is a jury member at several International Business Mediation Competitions (ICC Paris, CDRC Vienna). Next to being a senior expert for the PUM, active in Colombia and Zambia. 

Arthur van Benthem

Arthur van BenthemArthur van Benthem is CEO and co-owner of Dunlop BV since 2019, and previously served as COO and member of the Executive Board at Imperial Brands PLC, a FTSE 20 company in the United Kingdom. Arthur has lived and worked over 25 years in various countries in Asia / Pacific and Europe and has extensive leadership and consumer marketing experience with the Coca-Cola Company, the Metro Group and FrieslandCampina. Mr. van Benthem obtained his Masters degree in Business Administration from Erasmus University in his native the Netherlands in 1991 and has since then completed various postgraduate studies including the Leadership Development Program at Wharton Business School.

Geert Duysters

Geert DuystersGeert Duysters (1966) is a full professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Tilburg University. He currently acts as Dean of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TISEM). He formerly acted as scientific director of the Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship and vice-dean Research at Tilburg University. He was also the Scientific director of CentER. CentER is an internationally acclaimed research institute at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management in the Netherlands. Formerly, he acted as Vice Dean of the faculty of technology Management at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Hans Janssen

Hans JanssenHans Janssen graduated in business economics from Tilburg University in 1990 and has subsequently followed various post-graduate studies in the field of Finance & Control and Management, including the Register Controller course at VU University Amsterdam and the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. Hans joined Unilever N.V. in 1991, where he held various financial positions in the Netherlands and abroad, and lastly the role of CFO of Unilever Benelux. In 2008 he switched to Mediq N.V. for the position of CFO. Since October 2017 Hans is a member of the Executive Board / CFO of Heijmans N.V. Since May 2021 Hans Janssen is CFO at Royal FrieslandCampina.


For more information:
Corine Schriks (secretariaat Raad van Commissarissen): per email or phone +31 13 466 86 10 

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