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Alumni Life Long Development Packages

At TIAS we believe in Life Long Development; continuous professional, personal and network development during and after your studies. With more knowledge, better skills and a larger network you can create greater impact and success. We offer special services for your Life Long Development in two alumni membership packages. 

The Activate Package will be offered for free. 

The Inspire Package offers more personal and professional development to expand, deepen and reflect; to be inspired to move forward as well as networking to reignite & innovate. It costs only € 195 (on a yearly basis, from January - December). For the period June - December 2023 the Inspire Package costs only € 95. The fees are including VAT.


The fee is including VAT.

Upon request, we will send you a digital certificate of participation for PE registration purposes.

Details of the services of the Life Long Development Packages:

TIAS Connect Community Portal

As alumnus you will receive invitations to alumni network meetings, knowledge updates and live webcasts through the TIAS Connect community portal. And, TIAS Connect enables you to easily stay in touch with classmates, expand your network as well as find and post job vacancies and business opportunities. Make sure you join at

Online Webinars & Knowledge Clips

Throughout the year you will be informed about upcoming webinars of academic content and/or personal development as well as Knowledge Clips provided by our faculty.

The next webinar is scheduled:

Start-up Pitch Event

Do you need a boost to start your own business or just want to learn more about entrepreneurship? Pitch your entrepreneurial idea to Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij and win 1-year free guidance in setting up your start-up!
Or, if you want to learn more about entrepreneurship without the intention to start your own business, this is the ultimate opportunity as well. More information

Cobbenhagen Lecture

The Friends of Cobbenhagen, in collaboration with Tilburg University Society, annually invite an internationally renowned professor to give a vision on current developments in society.

They make an active contribution to the international orientation of Dutch politics, research, education and business. The Lecture also aims to appeal to a new audience and to interest potential members of the Friends of Cobbenhagen. More information

Personal Coaching Orientation Session

We know how important personal and professional development are for our alumni. Therefore, we offer within the Life Long Development Packages the possibility of an Orientation Session for Coaching with one of our experienced coaches. More details.

Online Harvard Courses

Online learning is one of the greatest benefits we feel we can provide alumni. It enables us to offer this benefit to our alumni wherever they live around the globe. And, you can activate what you need in your own time. Learning modules keep your management knowledge sharp and up-to-date. Online Harvard modules 2023 have a validity period of 6 months (May through October 2023).

In 2023 you can choose two of the following modules:

  • Digital Intelligence
  • Attracting and Cultivating Talent
  • Sharpening your Business Acumen
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Feedback Essentials

If you want to get access to the online modules during the period May-October 2023, please contact Alumni Relations.

Online Breakfast Sessions

A format which is less interactive and more informative in nature 1,5-hour session with a TIAS lecturer and alumni: Online Breakfast Session 08.00-09.30 hours.


Career Consulting Orientation Session & Career Development Services

Are you considering a next step in your career? During the free orientation session with a Career Consultant you will discuss your work experience and more specifically your wishes, ambitions and expectations regarding the next step in your career. You will discuss and define what will be the best approach to reach your goals.

Should you thereafter wish further career development services such as such as CV checks, LinkedIn advice, network meetings, preparation job interview etc., you will receive a 20% discount on each service. More details.

3-Step Series

The 3-step series will look at the skills and techniques with which you can improve your success rate:

  • Step 1: Workshop - practical and interactive half-day session
  • Step 2: Practice – Over 5 weeks we will ask you to keep an account of your takeaways: when you use them, how you use them, what was difficult/easy, what were the results?
  • Step 3:  Small group review - About 5 weeks after Step 1 you will attend a small group online review via zoom.

Following on from the very successful 3-step series that we introduced last year, we are now offering the hybrid series ‘Standing your Ground’.


Personal Development Workshops

The aims of the Personal Development Workshops are to:

  • Give you time to stop, reflect and gain insights on your own personal development – whether you attend as a leader, manager, entrepreneur or are mid-career.
  • Bridge the knowing/doing gap and are therefore highly practical and interactive.
  • Provide you the opportunity to work with other highly educated alumni who come from a wide range of sectors.

Based on alumni feedback, we are introducing requested topics provided by excellent lecturers. You can choose two of the following workshops:


Life Long Development Educational Programs

After your studies at TIAS, you are not finished with learning as the world is continuously changing. TIAS offers a broad portfolio of educational programs that can support you at each stage of your professional career. Should you come back to TIAS to participate in a masterclass, short advanced program, executive master and/or MBA, you will receive a discount on the program fee. 

TIAS Alumni receive a discount of 10%; TIAS alumni with a membership package Inspire receive an additional discount of 5% (total discount 15%).

Check out the program offering.

Transformational Leadership Trail

TIAS endorses the Transformational Leadership Trail by OakTreeMe

TLT is a program for those who are willing to stretch themselves to take the next step in their professional life, and who are willing to open-up and discover their blind spots to reach their true potential. 

The Trail will enable you to establish new perspectives and will open a new path to your inner source of leadership and creativity, through the support of trained and experienced facilitators and coaches.

All TIAS Alumni receive a discount of 10% on the regular program fee; TIAS alumni with a membership package Inspire receive an additional discount of 5% (total discount 15%) on the regular program fee.

More information

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Stijn Luijkx - alumnus at TIASFor over 20 years I have been regularly attending TIAS activities, which continues to be engaging and inspiring! So what makes it so inviting? 
Is it the pleasant ambiance on a special campus, where you are always welcomed hospitably? 
Or, the diversity of topics, considered from an "open mind" and critically positive perspective?
Is it the experts in their field, who outline expanding insights from both theory and practice?
Is it the approachable interaction with other alumni, who also never stop learning?
Or the orientation from both business and society, to be able to create more sustainable impact?
Exactly, for me it is precisely the mix of all these things that makes it so valuable and meaningful.
In short the TIAS Alumni Membership Package, highly recommended if you "never want to stop asking questions"!

Stijn Luijkx (Master of Marketing – Active member since 2011)


Dorthe Schipperheijn - alumna at TIASSince my Executive Course at TIAS in 2013, I have been making grateful use of the Alumni Membership Package. Every year I find workshops, breakfast sessions and lectures that allow me to sharpen and deepen my knowledge and insight. Moreover, it is nice to regularly meet people who, like me, are loyal visitors to the workshops. It's nice to be able to follow fellow students and teachers like this over the years.
What I welcome is that the offerings have expanded and include more online activities, which are inspiring, educational and easy to join.
For me, the main benefit of the Alumni Package was finding one of the coaches provided through this membership. Through the website and free introductions, I was able to select a coach that exactly matched my request at the time. These conversations led to the successful start of my own business, which has been profitable from the first year despite years of lockdowns. Just that already makes the membership more than worth it for me.
So I highly recommend the Alumni Membership Package!" 

Dorthe Schipperheijn, (Executive program Strategie, Innovatie & Governance – Active member since 2014)

Esther de Groot - alumna at TIASMy graduation from TIAS was more than 10 years ago. I still look back with great pleasure on the learning journey I went through then. Staying attentive to my own personal development alongside a demanding job as a policy manager and a busy family is not always easy, but fortunately there is "TIAS Connect" and the Alumni Membership Package. Every year I look forward to the programming and offerings. Participating in a workshop or online session is a gift to myself. Time to reflect, gain new insights and meet interesting people. It is always nice to come back to campus and the high expectations ... they are certainly met by the chosen speakers and topics.

Esther de Groot (Master Class Cycle for Executives – Active member since 2014)

Marcel Frijns - alumnus at TIASLifelong learning is also something I have had to learn. Every stage in life offers new challenges, where you have to reflect on the past and shape life towards the future. Tilburg University and TIAS Business School have given me the tools to develop myself as a professional on the one hand, but equally important as a person and leader. That is what makes TIAS' Life Long Development program so valuable. You do yourself and those around you a disservice by not investing in this. It is something I can recommend to every person and professional. 

Marcel Frijns (Register Controller – Active member since 2014)

Edwin Lammers - alumnus at TIASIn the past, I attended the Executive Master of Finance & Control at TIAS. This program was mainly focused on the development of cognitive skills. I deepened my area of expertise and grew in my profession through knowledge and skills. The beauty of TIAS' alumni program is that it mainly complements that. The focus is on personal development and acquiring skills that are not necessarily related to the content of your work, but which help you grow in it. The quality is high because TIAS works primarily with excellent, experienced lecturers and facilitators. Among other things, personal leadership, negotiation and presentation skills have been covered in recent years and have made me a better professional. In addition, the workshops in recent years may have been outside my comfort zone, but they were always pleasant experiences that inspired me and made me think. I am already looking forward to the next one.

Edwin Lammers (Register Controller – Active members since 2017)

José Eijkemans
José Eijkemans
Alumni Manager
+31 13 466 86 42

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