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Start- and course dates
September 23, 2024
Tilburg Campus
April 14, 2025
Utrecht Campus
5 to 31 days
€ 13500 (exempt from VAT)
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Multiple locations
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Your stepping stone to the boardroom

The step from director, executive, or senior manager to a supervisory board member role requires new competencies and responsibilities. In your new role, you will be facing new dynamics and tasks. As your position will be further removed from business operations, you will have to expand and finetune your view of procedures, laws, and regulations. The Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program offers the best possible preparation for the role of supervisory director. Besides our Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program, we offer a broad selection of other governance programs.

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Participant profile

The Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program is open to candidates who are interested in and preparing for supervisory board membership. It is also intended for professionals in their first position as a supervisory board member with at most 1-2 years' experience in an executive position. The participants include:

  • C-suite and directors
  • Senior executives in the second or third echelon of large organizations
  • Managing directors or MT members of medium-sized organizations
  • Regional directors and country managers
  • Business Unit directors

Admission Requirements

For the Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program, we aim for groups consisting of participants from a variety of fields, both in the profit and non-profit sector. That is why we apply admission requirements. This helps us guarantee education at the highest level. What we ask:

  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree
  • Strategic responsibility in a board, executive or senior role
  • A minimum of 15 years' work experience, of which 8 years at management level

Various programs for supervisory board members

Are you unsure which is a better fit, the Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program or the Supervisory Board Member Program? Please contact our Program Adviser. She will be happy to help you decide which program is best for you.

Skills, content and context

As a supervisory board member, you need the skills and competences that will help you easily grasp the content and context. This refers to the tactical and strategic business operations (the content) versus the bigger picture (the context), which plays an even bigger role for you as a supervisory board member. Your role and impact as a supervisory board member is fundamentally different from the position in which you have excelled so far. You are moving from an executive position to a role that is further removed from business operations. This requires new insights and skills in terms of both hard and soft controls—skills you can put into practice immediately.

The Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program

By expanding your knowledge and skills, you will quickly find your feet as a supervisory board member. The Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program is an excellent preparation for taking the next step to the boardroom. You will attend (online) lectures with top professors and experts in their field who know current laws and regulations but, more importantly, who will teach you how to create the right dynamics in the boardroom.

With the Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program, you will:

  • Gain the latest academic insights and learn how they are relevant to the position of a supervisory board member
  • Understand the impact you can have in the boardroom by learning more about the rules and about effective behavior as a supervisory director
  • Improve your ability to look beyond executive management teams
  • Develop the skills you need to be a decisive supervisory director, even when you are not directly at the helm yourself
  • Build a network of peers

Professors, lecturers and field experts

Be inspired by leading professors, top lecturers and experts in the fields of governance, leadership, new business models, finance, regulation and remuneration. To expand on the academic knowledge, real-life experiences will be discussed. Prof. Mijntje Lückerath is Academic Director of this Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program. She is also responsible for the TIAS Supervisory Board Members Program. The first and last modules include dinner and a dinner speech. A diploma ceremony will take place during the final dinner.

Content Prospective Supervisory Board member Program

The Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program offers both theoretical frameworks and a peer-learning environment in which discussions and assignments are used to finetune your vision. Be inspired by leading professors, top lecturers and experts in the fields of governance and leadership.

Complex dynamics in the role of supervisory board member

The main goal of the Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program is to help participants understand the role of a supervisory board member and its complex dynamics. The program consists of four modules and three group coaching sessions. The lectures take place from 9.30am - 5pm.

  • Module Introduction to corporate Governance, including dinner
  • Module Soft Controls: Leadership, Board Dynamics and Sustainability
  • Module Hard Controls: Finance, Legal and Data
  • Module Appointment and Remuneration, including dinner

Module Introduction to Corporate Governance

In this two-day module we will discuss the design and purpose of corporate governance. We discuss the more formal effect of legislation, codes and self-regulation, the importance of long-term value creation for supervisory directors and the informal processes in the boardroom.

Module Soft Controls: Leadership, Board Dynamics and Sustainability

A new role as a supervisor usually requires different leadership qualities than those you have gained so far. In module 2 you will develop a new perspective on effective behavior in the boardroom. In addition, we will continue the theme of long-term value creation by concretely integrating sustainability into your supervisory task.

Module Hard Controls: Finance, Legal and Data

In the third module, we mainly discuss the necessary basis of hard knowledge. A large part of the supervisory duties focus on being able to read, understand and name financial and risk reports. In addition, there are certain legal aspects that you need to know as a starting supervisory director, including, for example, liability. Finally, this module examines new business models and the use of data, a topic that deserves more attention in the boardroom.

Module Appointment and Remuneration

This final module focuses on the employer role of supervisory boards, which includes both selection and appointment and remuneration. We also discuss the psychological aspect of power relations and the most effective form of communication by supervisory directors.


The Virtual Campus contains literature and articles you can read to prepare for the modules. We have 1) basic literature, 2) case studies and 3) further reading. We recommend reading the basic literature to prepare for the modules. Reading the case studies will be required for participation in the case discussions and further reading is meant for participants who wish to read and learn more about the various topics.

Dates and locations Prospective Supervisory Board member Program

NameLocationStart date
Prospective Supervisory Board Member ProgramTilburg CampusSeptember 23, 2024
Prospective Supervisory Board Member ProgramUtrecht CampusApril 14, 2025

Investment Prospective Supervisory Board member Program

The investment for the Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program is €9,750 (tax deductible) including literature and meals. You will participate in 4 modules and 3 group coaching sessions. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a TIAS School for Business and Society diploma. The program fee is exempt from VAT.

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read about the possibilities here »

Faculty Prospective Supervisory Board member Program

Our faculty is deeply rooted in society and science. Because of this connection, they know better than anyone how to translate academic theories, models and principles into current developments and issues.

Mijntje Lückerath, Professor Corporate Governance and Academic Director: "It's about learning how to engage with people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and personalities to achieve effective decision-making and long-term value creation. Learning to recognize and deal with those boardroom dynamics, that is what we focus on in the program."

Academic Director

Mijntje Lückerath
Full Professor


Oscar David
Adjunct Professor
Erik Vermeulen
Professor of Business & Financial Law
Egge van der Poel
Senior Data Strategy Consultant
Margot Schumacher
Adjunct Professor
Hanke Lange

Start your application

Following your enrollment, the Academic Director will review your CV. After the Academic Director determines that you meet the admission requirements, you will receive the official study agreement and you can finalize your enrollment.


Continuously develop your knowledge and skills

With the Prospective Supervisory Board Member Program, we help you stay at the forefront of the latest boardroom developments. Our in-depth modules are designed to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. They cover topics that are currently taking place or have yet to take place at the boardroom level across a range of sectors. This page gives an overview of the in-depth modules that are scheduled to take place. For the sake of completeness, we have included a list of the topics that have already been covered. 

Are you unable to attend an upcoming module? Or do you see a topic that appeals to you, but has already been covered? Many of our one-day modules are repeated if enough people are interested. For the latest planning or more information about the modules, please reach out to your Program Adviser.

Note: Alumni are entitled to a discount on the tuition fees of the in-depth modules.

Upcomping in-depth modules

Updates on a new edition will be provided soon

Previous in-depth modules

In-depth module: Cybersecurity and IT for non-executive directors

Threats to cybersecurity and IT systems can have major consequences for organizations and require large investments, yet most non-executive directors and supervisors lack essential knowledge about these topics.  During this one-day in-depth module, we will bring you up to speed with cybersecurity and IT issues, together with experts from the field.

In-depth module: Tools for non-executive directors and supervisors to notice and manage transgressive behavior

Transgressive behavior is a frequently occurring and impactful issue within many organizations. During this one-day in-depth master class for non-executive directors and supervisors, you will learn everything you need to know about preventing transgressive behavior, noticing signs of transgressive behavior, and managing transgressive behavior.

Sabine van Eersel
Sabine van Eersel
Program Adviser
+31 13 4663961

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