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How can organizations anticipate the changing, unpredictable, complex market environment in which they operate? What kind of transformation do they need to realize this? How can they effectively involve and activate their employees in the event of changes? And how do they develop the necessary leadership qualities among their employees? These are big issues that many organizations are currently struggling with.


Customized programs

TIAS develops contemporary learning journeys enabling clients to successfully transform their business and organization. We develop our customized programs, in close consultation with our clients.


National and international customized programs

TIAS has the Netherlands as its homebase. But we offer our customized programs nationally and internationally, both in Dutch and English. In this way, we create programs with impact that are accessible and fit in seamlessly with the questions and expectations of our clients.


Business & society

TIAS is convinced that economic success and social progress go hand in hand. We believe the connection between companies and their social context to be crucial. We therefore have a 'footprint' in business & society.

Our vision
We believe business exists to serve society

Our purpose 
We develop leaders who serve society by transforming business

Our ambition
We will be Europe’s go to school for business transformation that serves society

TIAS #Neverstopasking


Kick-off of positive change: never stop asking

To achieve positive change, new frameworks and a positive critical and investigative attitude are needed. In order to achieve this, our customized programs go one step further. Our customized learning programs:

  • Inspire: passionate, experienced and renowned professors and lecturers offer the latest scientific insights and best practices and make them practically applicable.
  • Challenge: We challenge teams and organizations to develop innovative and alternative solutions for organizational issues with an open mind and a positive critical attitude.
  • Empower: We use impactful learning and working methods, both online and offline. In this way we enable teams and organizations to apply the knowledge and insights they have gained in their own situation.
  • Encourage: we stimulate research and experimentation with new ways of thinking and approaches and new effective behavior in teams and organizations.
  • Create impact: we measure the impact of our customized programs as much as possible. In this way we know whether we are achieving our clients' goals and make immediate adjustments when necessary.


Entrepreneurship and innovation with TIAS customized programs 

In order to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovative behavior, also for the longer term, we use a mix of state-of-the-art learning interventions like A.I. based feedback tools and simulations.


TIAS customized programs: 100% customized or an existing customized program?

TIAS offers two possibilities to develop a customized program:

  • 100% customized program

    In co-creation, we develop a course that seamlessly matches the needs of your organization. Unique and fully customized.

    Want to know more about the possibilities? Be inspired by one of our learning and development professionals.

    Direct contact

  • Existing program

    We adapt an existing program and customize it to your organization. Easy, fast and cost-effective.

    You select a program or module from our open range of masters, short programs or master classes. 

    Take a look at our programs to get an idea of the possibilities. We will then optimize the program and customize it to your organization and organizational context in close consultation with you.

    Existing programs



Your return on education

A customized program is ideal when several people, teams and units in your organization face the same challenge. The advantages of a customized program:

  • Proven result: we generate measurable and sustainable results for your team and organization.
  • Goal oriented: we respond to realistic and current practical situations. We adapt the program to situations in your organization and work context. Your goals and wishes are the starting point.
  • Return on investment: the time investment and price per participant is lower.
  • Flexibel: you decide where and when the program will be organized.
  • Fast: you bring the knowledge and skills of teams and business units to a higher level fast.
  • Connection: you invest in cooperation within teams and between departments and thus create networking opportunities.


Why choose a customized program at TIAS Incompany? 

Top quality

  • Professional and personal: we want to make the best possible programs for our clients. We do this by means of very strong advice and design.
  • Excellent execution: we deliver a unique customer experience. In order to achieve this, we work with passionate, experienced and renowned professors, learning and development professionals and lecturers, all deeply rooted in business, society and science and fully informed about the latest educational insights.
  • Focus on impactful and sustainable learning experience: our customized programs are lasting because we connect theory and practice.
  • Evidence-based: in addition to best practices, we also use the latest state-of-the-art academic insights from applied research.

Always an answer

  • Flexibility: we develop a customized program for almost every purpose. We offer a rich, almost inexhaustible range of learning journeys, learning formats and program formats.
  • Access to an extensive knowledge network: we can always rely upon the latest insights through our partnerships with international business schools and universities, knowledge networks and professional associations.
  • Curriculum: we demonstrably strengthen the knowledge & skills of your organization. If desired, participants receive a diploma or certificate from TIAS, if possible even an academic degree.


Miranda Bol - Director customized programs TIAS

“By investing in employees, you know how to captivate and engage them. In this way you work on sustainable employability in times where change is the constant factor.”


The TIAS experience of Fugro

As a Global Program Manager at Fugro, Manon van Beek is closely involved in developing talent in her organization. In co creation with TIAS, a tailor-made program for Fugro. ‘When designing this program, we really looked at which business challenges Fugro has.’

Become Future-Proof

Make your organization future-proof - special customized offer 2020

TIAS has developed three specific customized programs based upon frequently asked questions from clients. These programs provide guidance/are a blueprint for the development of our customized programs for new clients.

  • Your top teams in position for business transformation?
    Bring your top employees and teams directly and adequately to an equal level of knowledge that is relevant to your business transformation.
  • Prepare your strategy for 2021 and beyond?
    Get stronger, smarter and faster. Develop new strategies, innovative business models and an agile organization with the 3458 method.
  • The art of performance
    How do you improve the performance of your organization? Improve performance at the strategic, organizational and operational levels and act faster than your competitors.

    Direct contact


Clients TIAS customized program

TIAS collaborates with a large number of leading companies from various sectors – profit and non-profit – that operate nationally and internationally. We have developed customized programs for a number of clients:

Randstad, Darling Ingredients International Holding BV, Deltion College, De Heus, Rabobank Groep, GGN Mastering Credit N.V., ANWB Opleidingen, MCB International B.V., Avans Hogeschool, De Lage Landen, IHC Merwede Holding B.V., Kamer van Koophandel, BDO, ABN AMRO, Brabantia, Aedes, Allevo, Royal Haskoning DHV.



The next step in organization development

What do TIAS customers and cooperation partners ask and why do they opt for Customized Programs?

Our clients (profit and not for profit) highly appreciate the way in which we integrate issues into a customized program so they can take the next step in their organizational development.

TIAS is often asked for questions related to:

  • Innovation, transformation & change
  • Leadership, management development and performance
  • Strategy development and implementation


In addition, we develop customized programs for all subject matters and disciplines that are important in the context of business transformation:

  • Accounting, finance & control
  • General management
  • Business administration
  • Governance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Marketing & digital transformation
  • Operations & supply chain management 


Miranda Bol
Miranda Bol
Director Incompany Programs
+31 13 466 86 43

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