• NationaalCommissarissenOnderzoek
    Every year, more than 300 commissioners and supervisors participate in the NCO, thus providing a good overview of the most important themes for good supervision.
  • innovatievastgoed
    The real estate market is changing faster than ever. There is plenty of innovation in products and processes.
  • vastgoedanalytics
    In the articles below you can read all about the newest insights on the real estate market
  • WomanBoardIndex
    The Dutch Female Board Index is an annual publication gives an overview of the presence of women in the executive board and supervisory board(together: 'the Board') of Dutch listed companies.
  • lifeaftertias
    How are our alumni doing since graduating from TIAS? Which carrier path did they choose, at which organization did they end up and what advice do they have for current and potential TIAS students? 
  • energietransitie
    Energy on the real estate market. A thorny issue. Much can be done in our built-up environment to save energy, but much is still unknown and disregarded.
  • ayearattias
    What's it like to live and to study in The Netherlands as an international student? Find out how our students experience their year at TIAS School for Business and Society.
  • DossierListing_Innovatie
    Kickstart your thinking is a series of insightful management models by prof. dr. Ron Meyer. 
  • Linn_Musters_370x247

    Learn how our participants and alumni experienced their time at TIAS and how the programs helped them transform into tomorrow's leader.


On this page you will find information about our faculty’s research projects on a vast range of topics and their impact on business & society. 

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Are you ready for the next step in your career and do you want to create more impact in business and society? TIAS has developed a wide and varied range of courses and learning paths for this purpose. Including MBA courses, Executive Masters, Advanced Programs, InCompany, Modules and Masterclasses. We offer courses and learning paths that match your ambitions, learning goals and career phase.

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