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Start- and course dates
October 7, 2024
Utrecht Campus
5 to 31 days
€ 5400 (exempt from VAT)

Create successful healthcare networks with the Advanced Program Healthcare Networks

The landscape of healthcare is evolving. The cure and care sector increasingly involves professionals from different organizations. Consequently, a transformation towards collaboration and innovation across different organizations or even domains is urgently needed. But how can you achieve this transformation? The Advanced Program Healthcare Networks empowers you to take charge of the creation of effective inter-organizational healthcare networks. Networks with close ties to the individual, their loved ones, the community and society in general.

Participant profile Advanced Program Healthcare Networks

Participants in the Advanced Program Healthcare Networks are professionals in the healthcare or social domain who want to take the lead in or responsibility for the creation of healthcare networks. They have backgrounds in areas such as social work, healthcare or business. Participants with different backgrounds support and learn from one another during the program.Our participants include:

  • Board members
  • Program managers
  • Network directors
  • Chain managers
  • Consultants
  • Team leaders
  • Strategic advisers
  • Healthcare professionals

Admission requirements

We strive for participant groups full of talent, experience and potential. For this reason, we apply admission requirements. This empowers us to provide you with the highest quality education . What we expect:

  • Active participation in a healthcare network or the creation of a healthcare network.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (a higher professional or university degree).
  • A brief digital intake.

Why TIAS School for Business & Society?

  • Financial Times top-ranked business school for executive and in-company education.
  • All lecturers are top experts from academia and the business world.
  • Directly applicable scientific and practical knowledge.
  • Flexible programs tailored to your needs.

Take the lead in inter-organizational and inter-domain healthcare networks with the Advanced Program Healthcare Networks

The healthcare domain is characterized by an ever-increasing demand, while it faces staff shortages at the same time. To ensure that healthcare remains accessible and affordable, it is vital for stakeholders to organize collaboration in inter-organizational healthcare networks, and organize these collaborations effectively and efficiently. But how do you actually create successful networks? The Advanced Program Healthcare Networks gives you insight into the relevant concepts and scientific theories. We also support you with translating these insights into concrete interventions in practice. In this way, you can make a major contribution towards creating inter-organizational networks and achieving effective and efficient collaboration.

How will the Advanced Program Healthcare Networks benefit you?

  • Take your healthcare network initiative to the next level: our digital intake helps to tailor the lectures to participants’ needs.
  • Learn the key theoretical concepts, success factors and barriers, as well as analysis techniques for collaboration in healthcare networks.
  • Lead the creation of healthcare networks.
  • Understand the potential role of customers and inhabitants with regard to their participation in a healthcare network.
  • Make well-considered decisions on the governance structure of healthcare networks, including legal aspects.
  • Learn the preconditions for a successful transition to collaboration in healthcare networks.
  • Prepare value-driven process designs for healthcare networks, taking into account the interests of all organizations involved.
  • Understand how to set up suitable financing for your healthcare network. 
  • Discover the options for monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare networks.
  • Learn how to arrange the exchange of data between organizations.
  • Are able to put developments in the Netherlands into a more international context.

Advanced Program Healthcare Networks at TIAS

Realizing healthcare networks is a relatively new discipline. The Advanced Program Healthcare Networks gives you all the tools you need to set up an effective and efficient healthcare network in practice. After completing this program, you will have the skills to effectively lead the transformation to collaborating in healthcare networks. 

Over 2 x 2 days, you’ll delve into all the aspects of healthcare networks with the domain experts and fellow participants. Theories and models come to life with real-world examples and the case studies of other participants.

You study with participants from different organizations – the same people you’ll be working with when setting up healthcare networks. For the refresher day, around 6 months later, we organize “speed-dating” sessions with three experts of your choice, to further develop your project.

Module 1: The “why” and the governance structure of healthcare networks

Anyone who wants to set up a healthcare network has to consider its purpose and structure, carefully. Gain an in-depth understanding of the “why” of healthcare networks and discover the possible healthcare network designs. 

Module 2: Hard and soft factors for success that enable a succesful transition towards collaboration in healthcare networks

Discover the factors that make or break a successful transition to collaboration in healthcare networks, and how to influence these factors

Module 3: operationalizing the transition

Get started on the implementation of your healthcare network. Learn everything about actually setting up healthcare networks in practice.

Date and location Advanced Program Healthcare Networks

NameLocationStart date
Healthcare NetworksUtrecht CampusOctober 7, 2024

Costs Advanced Program Healthcare Networks

The cost of the Advanced Program Healthcare Networks is € 5400 (exempt from VAT). 

This price includes:

  • Enrollment, registration and administration costs.
  • Catering packages (lunch, coffee or tea and soft drinks) during lecture periods.
  • Access to the online learning environment.
  • Mandatory reading material, textbooks and learning resources.

How will this program benefit your organization?

  • The organization gets an expert in healthcare networks who is familiar with all the latest developments.
  • Participants are able to successfully realize healthcare networks, and understand how to maximize value within a healthcare network.
  • Participants are able to take their network initiatives to the next level, as they can discuss their challenges with subject-matter experts.
  • The practical tools from the program improve the monitoring of efficiency and effectiveness of organizations’ healthcare networks.

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

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Faculty Advanced Program Netwerkzorg

The Advanced Network Care Program has been curated by various domain experts. Their diverse experience prepares you for the realization of network care initiatives.

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Patrick Kenis
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