At TIAS we aim to stimulate knowledge, innovation and leadership through close collaboration with a diverse group of partners from various industries, trade associations and institutions. These partnerships enhance our educational offerings and research and allow us to respond to current needs in both public and private sectors. 

This page contains a list of all TIAS School for Business and Society partnerships.

To approach knowledge from as many different perspectives as possible, TIAS always welcomes new partnerships. Are you interested in partnering with TIAS? Fill in this contact form, after which we can explore together where we can offer mutual value.


Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness


TIAS and Wageningen Academy (Wageningen University & Research) have collaborated on an Executive MBA in Food & Agribusiness specially designed for mid-career professionals who aspire to be future Food & Agribusiness leaders.

Unlike other part-time MBA programs, the Executive MBA Food & Agribusiness created by TIAS & Wageningen Academy focuses on the future, prioritizing innovation and development over ‘spreadsheet management’ and sustainable growth over quick profits. We launch tomorrow’s top managers in Food & Agribusiness.


Design Thinking Master Class


Whatever the innovation challenge, the Design Thinking method supports the creation of solutions built around customers or other stakeholders. In this master class, participants learn to understand and apply the principles and practices of Design Thinking. That way, they can ensure that their innovative solutions will provide lasting added value. The Design Thinking method teaches them to focus on stakeholders and devise creative and innovative solutions to complex problems.

TIAS offers this practical Design Thinking Master Class in partnership with Greenberry, the leading Dutch design and innovation agency.


Sustainability Leadership Program


The Sustainability Leadership Program is the only sustainability-related program in the Netherlands that focuses on strategy and tactics for senior managers. Participants can use the knowledge and skills acquired during this program to shape new sustainable corporate strategies and business models in a more targeted way.

The Sustainability Leadership Program is a collaboration between TIAS and MVO Nederland, the Netherlands’ largest sustainability-related business network.


Women Corporate Directors: The Next Generation (WCD)


This program is designed to train the next generation of Women Corporate Directors in order to increase the numbers of talented women who advance to top leadership positions at organizations. It offers ambitious women inspiration and insights and supports them in learning what they need to take on a senior management role.

TIAS collaborated with the Dutch branch of the international Women Corporate Directors organization on the creation of The Next Generation (WCD), an inspiring program for female mid-career professionals. 


Van Lanschot Academy for Business Transfer


Succession planning in a family business is a unique process. There are countless business and family-related issues, all of which must be negotiated to successful conclusions. The Van Lanschot Academy for Business Transfer, offered in collaboration with Van Lanschot Kempen, offers entrepreneurs a quality program that addresses all the various aspects of succession planning they may expect to encounter. 


TIAS-MBA Summer Academy: Healthcare Management


Each year, TIAS and Medical Business collaborate on the organization of a Summer Academy for Healthcare Management. The program is designed for healthcare and other specialists, physician assistants, residents and nurses, but also directors and pharmacists. Participants wish to dive more deeply into the organization and management of healthcare institutions. They want to enhance their skills in leadership and healthcare organization and management.


Cyber security & Governance program


In this digital age, organizations must deal with the threat of cyber attacks, despite the fact that there is a serious shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals. To help solve this urgent problem, TIAS School for Business and Society has collaborated with TILT (Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society) on the development of an Advanced Program in Cyber Security & Governance aimed at professionals.


Contracting Engineering Projects


The Contracting Engineering Projects program is designed by TIAS School for Business & Society and is a joint project by Ballast Nedam, Boskalis and the Heerema Fabrication Group, set up in response to increasing international competition and collaborations. These companies want to ensure that their employees are well prepared to navigate contracts and their various complexities. Through the years, other international engineering firms and contractors have also joined the Contracting Engineering Projects program.


Netspar Pension Innovation Program


There are many innovations in the world of pensions and retirement, often occurring in rapid succession. New laws keep being introduced, regulations on supervision are increasingly strict and consumers demand more of their retirement products. The Netspar Pension Innovation Program offers participants knowledge and skills with which to tackle all the various factors relating to retirement.

TIAS School for Business and Society offers this program in partnership with Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement (Netspar)


Clinical Business Administration


In collaboration with De Jonge Specialist, TIAS School for Business and Society offers a full Clinical Business Administration program. This program presents the latest scientific knowledge and insights relating to clinical leadership, funding, governance, quality, safety and innovation in healthcare.

It targets young healthcare professionals with a desire to improve the healthcare system and implement innovations in healthcare.


MBA Finance | Executive Master in Finance (MiF)


This Master's program covers both the theory of finance and its real-world applications. The program is offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Basel in collaboration with TIAS School for Business and Society.


Public Value Creation Master Class


In close collaboration with WHISE consultants, agents for social profit creation, TIAS School for Business and Society has developed a method for the visualization of public value. Our approach is based on the work of Harvard politicologist Mark Moore, operationalized into the social profit canvas.

TIAS offers this master class in partnership with WHISE, inventors of the Social Profit Canvas.


RBA-program / CFA Society

CFACFA Society Netherlands and TIAS School for Business and Society work together to provide master classes in the areas of Sustainability, New Investment Technologies and Lifecycle and DC Investments. The RBA-program consists of several Learn, Change and Lead modules. TIAS School for Business and Society is responsible for the Change module. This module addresses tomorrow’s game changers in the investment sector, with topics ranging from new investment beliefs to market structure shifts, new technologies, disruption and the growing importance of and demand for personal financial planning. The master classes may be attended separately or as part of the RBA program.


Seminar series for HR professionals


Prepare for the future of HR and become a leader who adds sustainable value to business outcomes. Enhance your leadership skills, meet like-minded individuals, and discover innovative solutions to critical challenges. In collaboration with Sijthoff Media and its HR Leadership Academy, TIAS offers specially designed seminar series for HR managers, leaders, and senior HR professionals. These Advanced programs focus on strategic themes such as culture change, leadership, C-level partnership, business administration, digital transformation, and talent management. Ready to elevate your HR skills and make an impact within your organization? Enroll now in the Culture Change and Behavior Seminar Series or the Strategy and Business Administration Seminar Series for HR, and get ready to shape the future of HR.


Professional/ Trade Associations & Other

VRC (Dutch Association of Registered Controllers)


The Association of Registered Controllers (VRC) has been uniting graduates of the Executive Master of Finance & Control (EMFC) program it recognizes since 1988. VRC members are knowledge-driven financial professionals who hold the title of Registered Controller, also known as the RC title.


DCFA (Dutch Corporate Finance association)


The Dutch Corporate Finance Association (DCFA) is an independent, multidisciplinary association for experienced professionals in the field of mergers and acquisitions. The DCFA aims to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing by building professional expertise and creating a network to support its members and their clients’ business success. TIAS provides two lectures for DCFA members annually.


Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce


The Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce organizes study trips for the following TIAS programs: Executive Master of Health Administration (MHA), Executive Master of Management and Organization (MMO), Executive Master of Public and Non-Profit Management (MPM) and Executive Master of Management in Education (MME), acting as a link between TIAS and Portugal’s public and private sectors.


SDG Barometer



The SDG Barometer offers relevant insights into Dutch organizations’ acceptance and implementation of the SDGs. It also acts as a call for all organizations to help achieve these goals. The survey is repeated every two years to monitor the amounts of progress or lack thereof.

The Dutch SDG Barometer survey is a shared initiative of TIAS School for Business and Society (Tilburg University), Amsterdam School of International Business and Maastricht School of Management.


Institutional Partnerships

University of Exeter


TIAS and Exeter University have collaborated on a Sustainability Challenge, an annual three-day pressure cooker challenge during which full-time MBA students from the two schools attempt to solve a sustainability-related problem provided by international companies such as Schiphol Airport or IBM.




 Our agreement enables an exchange of NEOMA and TIAS Master in Management and MScBA students, allowing them to attend business courses at the partnering institution.  


Alba Graduate Business School (ALBA)


Our partnership agreement allows full-time MScBA students to experience Greek culture and the programs at Alba Graduate Business School.


Politecnico di Milano


We have made arrangements that allow EMBA students at Politecnico di Milano to attend courses in business administration.


China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)


TIAS and the Business School of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) have set up arrangements to enable a double-degree business master’s program.


Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE)


TIAS and the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) collaborate on an exchange program for full-time MBA students.


Peking Universiteit Guanghua School of Management


Our agreement enables an exchange of Guanghua and TIAS Master in Management and MScBA students, allowing them to attend business courses at the partnering institution.


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)


Master’s students at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University can achieve a double degree through the TIAS MScBA program


Yuan Ze University


Yuan Master’s students at Yuan Ze University can achieve a double degree through the TIAS MScBA program.


St. Joseph University Philadelphia


SJU TIAS’s partnership with St. Joseph University offers Executive Master Information Management and Digital Transformations (MIMDT) students an opportunity to work with acclaimed faculty as they study and experience international challenges and innovations relating to information management and data transformations in practice through in-depth lectures, company visits and challenge-based learning.


Fundação Getúlio Vargas - EBAPE Brazil


FGV EBAPE TIAS has entered into partnership with Fundação Getúlio Vargas - EBAPE in Brazil. The two institutions collaborate in the areas of administration, management, business administration and public policy, for example through the facilitation of student exchanges and visits.


WU - Vienna Austria


WU In the context of lifelong learning, TIAS and the WU organize challenge-based learning projects during which participants use a theoretical framework and international collaboration to develop ‘out of the box’ business solutions for challenges faced by specific NGOs or similar (small) businesses.


Hanken School of Economics - Helsinki Finland


Hanken The Engage Faculty Bridge program is a collaboration between TIAS, Hanken and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). In this international program, highly experienced Executive Education Faculty from the three institutions share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with more junior faculty members interested in teaching in Executive Education.


Norwegian School of Economics - Bergen Norway

NHHNHH The Engage Faculty Bridge program is a collaboration between TIAS, Hanken and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). In this international program, highly experienced Executive Education Faculty from the three institutions share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with more junior faculty members interested in teaching in Executive Education.

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