Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track

Leiderschap Innovatie En Verandermanagement Traject
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18 days, spread over 1-2 years
€ 21400 (exempt from VAT)
Executive Education - Open Programs
Certificate for each masterclass, TIAS Diploma upon completion of the entire program
PE points

Design your own track and obtain your Diploma of Excellence

The Advanced Program of Leadership, Innovation and Change Management is aimed at experienced managers and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. They all share the drive to create an impact in leadership, innovation and change management. If you are interested in more programs in this area, then take a look at our other leadership & general management programs or innovation programs.


Participants include SME directors and board members, executives, division managers, senior advisers and team managers. They come from various profit and non-profit sectors, including financial services, government, higher education, healthcare, industrial engineering and construction.

Design your own track by choosing one of our many options

This page offers an overview of the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track. It is up to you to design and personalize that track. TIAS offers a wide range of master classes—tailor your track by selecting the topics that interest you most. You can customize your learning track to match your work-life situation, choosing to go faster or to spread things out.

How do participants rate our master classes?

Our participants rate our master classes with an average of 8.6/10. 

Claudia Evers' experience

“I've actually been able to apply the knowledge I gained in the master classes. Work methods for creative thinking, involving people in processes, accepting that things are constantly changing. I've come to the realization that just letting creative thinking happen as an organic process is a great way of innovating. I still make action plans, but now I gradually adjust them as we're gaining new insights.″

Claudia Evers
Regional Manager, Member of the Executive Team and Activity Team Manager Korein


Why choose the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track?

What are the main reasons to choose the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management track?

  • Direction:Learn to set the course for your organization and create support for a solid and valuable strategy.
  • Broader, deeper understanding: Gain expert knowledge and insights in your own field and extend your learning to other fields.
  • Flexibility: We offer a wide range of master classes. You can customize your learning track to match your work-life situation, choosing to go faster or to spread things out.
  • Personal support:Our one-on-one support and highly efficient learning methods help you maximize your results.
  • Practice-based concepts and challenging work methods:These open up new ways of thinking you can apply in your work from day one.
  • Interaction:Learn with and from each other through interactive assignments and discussions.

How will this program benefit you? 

To innovate successfully, you must be able to stay on course and explore at the same time. This duality is something many of us struggle with. In the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management track, you learn to look at this dynamic from different perspectives and gain structure and oversight. The various master classes will teach you different perspectives, handles, and tools to tackle this.

Once you have finished this learning track, you will be able to:

  • Approach and tackle issues or dilemmas at a strategic level.
  • Demonstrate your ability to put theory into practice at an academic level.
  • Reinforce your professional and personal development, improving your chances of career advancement.
  • Achieve a fast ROI for your organization, putting the knowledge you gain into practice almost immediately.

Upon successful completion of the program, our TIAS Connect community and Alumni Services will help you establish and maintain a solid network. You will receive access to a network of professionals who share your drive and ambition.


Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track - Program design and content

Design your own learningtrack

With this program, you get to create your own learning track. This makes it a unique program, tailored to your needs. You choose the master classes that best suit your learning objectives. You can complete the entire program within one year, but you have the option of taking up to two years, if you prefer. You can organize the content, intensity, and duration of your track to suit your work-life situation.

Master classes in the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track

The Advanced Program of Leadership, Innovation and Change Management includes five master classes. The Master classes Leadership and Strategic Management are compulsory, but you are free to choose the other ones. We have special master classes focusing on the profit and non-profit sectors. You have the option of starting with one master class and continuing with the full program later.

Develop your personal leadership

The further development of your personal leadership is part of this program. You can choose between 1-on-1 coaching or the Master Class Personal Leadership.

Final paper: apply your new knowledge in your own organization

At the end of the program you will write a final paper under personal supervision in which you connect the core elements of the program with your daily work. By working on a current issue from your own practice, you immediately apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills in your organization. Formulating the problem and visualizing it through a process of exploration, diagnosis and an initial literature study is central to this. To prepare yourself properly, you will follow the one-day Problem Analysis module during the program.


Example of a Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track

In small master classes, expert lecturers share their vision on current and future developments in leadership and change management, and you are invited to participate. As you progress, your ability to respond to complex issues in a clear manner and make well-thought-out decisions for your organization will increase.

Master classes

The master classes below are excellent suggestions for the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track:

Want to know which other master classes are available?

View all our master classes »


Develop your personal leadership with coaching or a master class

One of the components of the track is the development of personal leadership. Together with a TIAS coach, you evaluate the knowledge and insights you have gained. You also discuss what this means for your personal development and how these new insights affect your organization. For this part, you can choose from the following:

  • Personal coaching (individual, 3 sessions)
  • Master class Personal Leadership (group, 2 days)

You finish with a final paper


Curious about our other tracks?

These other tracks within the Diploma program are very popular with our participants:

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Leadership and Strategy | Leadership or Leadership for non-profit | Strategic Management or Strategic Management for non-profit | Strategy Implementation | Strategic Foresight & Scenario Planning | Change Management

Of course you can choose from other topics, too, to design your Leadership & Management Track.


Consultation with our Program Adviser

Are you ready to take your career to the next level, and do you want more information? Would you like to speak with an alumnus about this track first? Or are you looking for advice about financing options? Please don’t hesitate to contact the Program Adviser with any questions you might have regarding the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track.

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Time investment

The time investment for each master class is 3 days. For five master classes together, the total is 15 days. Depending on your preferred option, the time investment for Personal Leadership Development is 2 days for the master class, or an average of 12 hours for the coaching sessions (3 sessions, including personal preparation and reflection). Most participants complete their final paper within a time frame of 3 to 6 months. The entire program can be completed within 1 year, with a maximum of 2 years.



Upon successful completion of the entire track, you will receive the TIAS Diploma of Excellence. You will also receive a Certificate for each master class you have taken. The Diploma of Excellence is not an officially recognized diploma. For those who wish to obtain an officially recognized diploma, we offer  Executive Masters.


PE points

PE points registration may be requested for a number of master classes. Participants should bear in mind, however, that the awarding of PE points is currently undergoing some changes. Please feel free to contact the Program Adviser for any further information.


Dates and locations Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track

The master classes take place at our modern, well-equipped campuses in Tilburg and/or Utrecht. Both campuses are centrally located and easily accessible by public transport or car.

The learning path has an intake almost every month. Please contact our Program Adviser for specific dates and to discuss your options.



Cost of the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track

The cost for the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track is € 21400 (exempt from VAT). This includes 5 master classes, Personal Leadership Development, and supervision on the final paper, as well as catering and all study materials.

Why should your employer invest in your education?

Our programs do not just add value for you personally, but for your organization as well. Your employer will benefit directly from the up-to-date knowledge & skills you have gained, as well as from your paper analyzing current issues within your organization.

Many of our participants get all or part of their study expenses reimbursed by their employers. Employers can claim the costs incurred as operating expenses.

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read more about the possibilities here >>


Faculty Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track

Academic Director

Merel Feenstra-Verschure
Assistant Professor/Academic Director

Apply for the Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track

If you wish to apply for the TIAS Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track, please contact the Program Adviser. We will then contact you to book a meeting and/or intake interview with the Academic Director.

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Jorien van Loopik-van Dijk
Jorien van Loopik-van Dijk
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 86 14

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Participant rating
Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track
Participant rating
Leadership, Innovation and Change Management Track