Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management

Executive Master Of Marketing En Customer Management
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Start- and course dates
January 16, 2023
Tilburg Campus
March 20, 2023
Tilburg Campus
May 22, 2023
Tilburg Campus
All start- and course dates
Two months per theme/ 16 months entire Masters program
€ 29500 for the entire master (free from VAT) / € 6200 per theme (two modules)
Study load
12-15 hours per week
Flexible Master
Single theme purchase possible
Full time/part time
Three days every month

Participant Profile

Participants in the part-time Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management are highly educated, ambitious executives, managers and marketing professionals, generally with a commercial focus, from a variety of industries and sectors. 80 percent of participants work in business and 20 percent are employed by non-profit or government organizations. Participants have at least five years of relevant professional experience in positions such as:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing & Communications Manager or Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business Development or Innovation Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Sales Manager or Category Manager
  • Marketing Intelligence Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Director
  • Chief Operations Manager

Why TIAS School for Business & Society?

  • Dutch Keuzegids 2022: MMCM rated excellent by participants on all themes: content, lecturers, assessment, career preparation and atmosphere
  • A top-ranked business school in Executive and InCompany Education according to the Financial Times
  • Participant rating: Our own participants rate the Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management 8.3 out of 10
  • A flexible program: take individual modules or the whole Master program
  • All instructors are top experts from academia and the business world
  • Internationally recognized MSc degree, accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (the “NVAO”)
  • TIAS is the business school at Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology

Both professional and personal growth

Our part-time Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Managament (MMCM) aims to prepare our participants for the future. Learn how to design a successful marketing policy for your own organization. Make use of the latest science-based, practically relevant insights and tools. 

Because leadership skills are essential in order to achieve change within an organization, our program offers plenty of opportunities for intervision and reflection.

Admission requirements

We aim for participants with a lot of talent, experience and potential. That is why we apply admission requirements. In this way, we guarantee education at the highest level. What we ask:

  • A bachelor's or master's degree
  • 5 years of relevant work experience in the field of marketing
  • Good command of the English language
  • When applicable, successful completion of the necessary parts of the premaster


Successful completion of the premaster can be a requirement for starting the program. In this way, we ensure that the level of all participants is consistent with each other. This means that you will ultimately benefit from the collaboration with a motivated group of talented participants from your field of expertise.

More information about the premaster

Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods (BRM) is part of your Master's degree. This module will help you make better decisions in situations where a solution to a problem is not immediately obvious because you are missing some of the information. 

For students doing an entire Master's program at TIAS, both BRM modules are mandatory. We recommend doing BRM I at the start of your Master's and BRM II at the end, just before graduation. Talk to your Program Adviser about the best time to schedule BRM I into your personal learning path.

More information on Business Research Methods

Develop a vision on growth, value creation and the future of marketing

Want to become a strategic marketing expert and commercial business partner? Create a more market and customer-oriented organization? With our strategic marketing program, you can grow as a top marketing expert, become a trusted adviser to senior management and make your mark on the transformation of your organization.

You’ll learn how to define and implement the right marketing strategy to make your organization more market-oriented, with the ultimate goal of preparing both yourself and your organization for the future, as well as achieving long-term market and customer impact.

This part-time program at TIAS is the only MSc in strategic marketing in the Netherlands.

Broaden and deepen your marketing expertise significantly: Learn how to set up a successful marketing policy, based on the latest scientific insights and best practices. Link market demands and developments to your organization’s marketing strategies and objectives to make a real impact on your customers. 

Achieve greater impact through a more customer-oriented organization: Develop your leadership skills and learn how to promote a more customer-oriented, innovative organization. Ensure that your organization remains relevant and successful, both now and in the future. 

Sparring partner for senior management: Obtain new, wider marketing knowledge and leadership skills and make yourself the go-to sparring partner for your organization’s senior management.

Inspiration through interaction: The program offers plenty of interaction with our team of lecturers, made up of distinguished academics and respected industry experts. Get inspired!

The program easily combines with your work: studying at TIAS means flexibility. For instance, you can take the full master program, or just individual blocks. The program starts five times a year, and you can extend your studies over a longer period if needed.

How will this program benefit you?

Our executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management prepares you for the future. This program provides you with scientific and practical information and tools, so you can set up and roll out a sound marketing strategy for your own organization. To ensure high learning efficiency, you’ll put theory into practice in your day-to-day business – actively and frequently. You and your organization will reap immediate benefits!

  • You’ll become the go-to adviser for your Management.
  • You learn what questions to ask and become more capable of taking the lead in defining and implementing your organization’s marketing strategy.
  • You are better able to make connections between your organization’s strategy and other organizational units.
  • You achieve a fast ROI for your organization, applying the knowledge you gain into practice from day one. Our use of business games and simulations allows for targeted practicing and experimentation.
  • You reinforce your professional and personal development, improving your chances of career advancement. 80% of our participants take the next step in their careers within 2 years.
  • Our TIAS Connect community and Alumni Services help you build and maintain a network, even after graduation. This gives you access to a group of professionals who share your drive and ambition.

What alumni think of the part-time master's program MMCM

 “As a marketer, I’m constantly responding to new market developments and innovations. Marketing is more than simply a set of tools or techniques that you employ. It involves a broader take on the whole organization. The part-time Master of Marketing & Customer Management (MMCM) has taught me to make connections using a more strategic approach. As I am placing things in a broader perspective, I produce better analyses. I use those in meetings and to inform decisions. This has allowed me to take both myself and my organization to a higher level.” 
Sophieke Verhoeven, Director Marketing & Digital (CMO) at PSA Financial Services Nederland BV

Content of Part-Time Master of Marketing & Customer Management (MMCM)

Theme 1 – The customer-oriented organization 

Module 1: The customer leader’s marketing canvas

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Segmentation
  • The marketing model

Module 2: Putting customers at the center of your organization

  • Customer insight
  • Digital marketing intelligence
  • Customer orientation

Theme 2 – Creating added value

Module 3: Creating long-term market relevance

  • The importance and successful application of market strategies
  • Understanding the business and insight into market developments
  • Development of new business models and value propositions
  • Designing market strategies
  • Business games to simulate and refine the effects of market strategy designs

Module 4: The importance and successful application of pricing strategies

  • Designing pricing strategies
  • Business games to simulate and refine the effects of pricing strategy designs

Theme 3 – Brand strategy and experience marketing

Module 5: The power of the customer experience

  • Experience marketing
  • Product versus services marketing
  • Experiencing the experience: company visit with practice-based group assignment

Module 6: Building a strong brand

  • Branding: the role of the brand and brand value
  • Brand strategy and the brand management process
  • Branding in the digital age
  • Marketing automation & content marketing: company visit with practice-based group assignment

Theme 4 – Digital is the new normal

Module 7: Optichannel management

  • Customer attraction and retention in the digital age and the future of sales
  • E-commerce: defining a winning distribution or channel strategy

Module 8: Digital transformation

  • Impact of digital developments and novel technologies on consumer behavior, the business of your organization (new business models), and innovation, distribution and communication strategies
  • The future of marketing: study trip that includes practical insights on the role of search engine marketing and the principles of viral and dialogue marketing.

Theme 5 – Building a sustainable business

Module 9: Marketing finance

  • Marketing performance and fact-based marketing
  • Generating insight into value creation (value based management)

Module 10: Marketing leadership

  • You as the brand’s leader: peer supervision
  • Marketing and leadership:
    - Improving your organization’s innovative capacity
    - Implementing an optimal customer experience throughout the customer journey
  • Company visit with practice-based group assignment

The five themes are spread out over a ten-month period. Every theme is made up of two modules that take one month each. Each module requires four weeks of preparatory work by means of the online campus. This is followed by three consecutive days of interactive meetings and lectures. Additionally, you complete the two units Business Research Methods I + II. 

You conclude the part-time MMCM Master’s program with a Master’s thesis concerning a relevant, current issue within your organization. The course load for this part-time MMCM Master’s program is 12-15 hours a week excluding lecture days.

Flexible program

Studying at TIAS means flexibility. For instance, you can take the full master program, or just individual blocks. The program starts five times a year, and you can extend your studies over a longer period if needed.

  • Combines easily with your work
  • Take individual modules or the whole Master program.
  • Start when you want to: choose between different starting points every year.
  • If necessary, you can opt to take longer to finish your degree.

Advisory interview with the Program Adviser

Are you ready to take your career to the next level, and do you want more information? Would you like to speak with an alumnus of the part-time MMCM Master’s program first? Or are you looking for advice about financing options? Please don’t hesitate to contact the Program Adviser with any questions regarding the part-time Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management.

Request an advisory interview

International Master’s degree (MSc)

On successful completion of the Master’s program, you may choose between the prestigious Master in Marketing & Customer Management (MMCM) title and the internationally recognized academic title of Master of Science (MSc). The degree is accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

Dates & Locations Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management (MMCM)

The Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management has different blocks. Each block can also be the entry point of the full Master:

NameLocationStart dateHBO sign up WO sign up
Theme 2: Toegevoegde waarde creërenTilburg CampusJanuary 16, 2023November 30, 2022
Theme 3: Markstrategie en experience marketingTilburg CampusMarch 20, 2023February 20, 2023
Theme 4: Digitaal is het nieuwe normaalTilburg CampusMay 22, 2023April 22, 2023
Theme 5: Bouwen aan sustainable businessTilburg CampusSeptember 4, 2023August 4, 2023
Theme 1: De klantgerichte organisatieTilburg CampusNovember 13, 2023October 13, 2023
Thema 2: Toegevoegde waarde creërenTilburg CampusJanuary 15, 2024November 30, 2023

Prior to the start of you MMCM module, you follow the Premaster (only bachelor pre-education) and the Business Research Methods module. In the starting moment above, you enter the first MMCM module. Once you have completed these modules, you can continue to take the MMCM program in a modular way and decide for yourself which order, location and time frame you choose. The program must be completed within 4 years.

Program fee of a part-time Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management (MMCM)

€ 29500 for the entire master (free from VAT) / € 6200 per theme (two modules)

This price includes:

  • Day packages (lunch, coffee/tea and soft drinks) during college days
  • Registration and administration costs
  • Access to the online learning environment
  • Mandatory literature, textbooks and teaching materials

Possible additional costs:

  • Dinners and overnight stays
  • Premaster (modules), if necessary (€325 - €975)**
  • Software licenses (if specific software is required)

** During your application, the Admissions and Assessment Committee will determine which premaster modules are required.


How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

Read about the possibilities here »

Faculty Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management (MMCM)

The personal coaching during the Master’s project and engagement throughout the study program is characteristic of TIAS. The following lecturers will guide you through your part-time Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management:

Academic Director

Rudy Moenaert
Full Professor
Toni Sfirtsis
Associate Professor


Tijs Rotmans
Adjunct Professor
Roger Bougie
Associate Professor
Michael Corbey
Full Professor
Filip Caeldries
Full Professor

Sign up Executive Master of Marketing & Customer Management (MMCM)

Debora de Jongh
Debora de Jongh
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 3997

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