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Executive Master Of Marketing En Customer Management
3 days per module
€ 3,600 per module (exempt from VAT)
Study load
4-5 hours per module
Single modules

Improve your strategic marketing policy by participating in the Marketing & Customer Management program

Want to shape your organization’s marketing policy on a strategic level? Are you an ambitious marketing or business professional who wants to deepen and broaden your knowledge of strategic marketing? Want to be a better sparring partner for senior management who can justify your decisions more effectively? Then TIAS’ marketing modules are perfect for you!

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Participant profile: Marketing & Customer Management

Participants in the Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management are highly educated, ambitious executives, managers and marketing professionals from for-profit and non-profit organizations across a variety of industries and sectors. Participants have at least five years of relevant professional experience.

Participants in this program include:

  • Marketing & Communication Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Business Development or Innovation Managers
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Intelligence Managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Chief Operations Managers

Admission requirements

We strive for well-matched groups of driven participants. For this reason, we apply admission requirements. We ensure the group is small enough for personalized attention, but also large enough for a rich exchange of experience and ideas. We expect:

  • At least 5 years of work experience in a relevant role.
  • A completed higher professional or university degree.

Enhance your marketing knowledge by participating in the Marketing & Customer Management program

Enhance your knowledge and skills by taking modules from the Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management. These modules offer scientific, practical insights and tools. Applying theory to case studies and translating them to your daily business operations will result in high learning efficiency. Extensive interaction with the teaching team, which consists of outstanding academics and industry experts, will give you plenty of inspiration for addressing your organization's marketing issues.

How will the Marketing & Customer Management modules benefit you?

  • Acquire new, all-round marketing knowledge and leadership skills.
  • Gain an up-to-date understanding of a key marketing topic within the space of three days.
  • Become more capable of taking the lead when it comes to defining and implementing your organization’s marketing strategy.
  • Make connections between the marketing strategy, your organization’s strategy and other organizational units.
  • Achieve a fast ROI for your organization. The academic program is practice-oriented, which allows you to apply your acquired knowledge straight away.
  • Reinforce your professional and personal development, improving your chances of career advancement.

Program design Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management

The Marketing & Customer Management modules offer you the latest scientific insights, techniques and skills to successfully define and implement a marketing policy for your organization. Corporate social responsibility and your organization's social impact are addressed as well. The combination of academic concepts and practical tools enables you to apply your acquired knowledge in practical situations and therefore make an impact straight away.


Participants can attend the modules in this program separately. You can select the topics that align with your career and interests. Each module requires four weeks of preparatory work through the online learning environment followed by three consecutive days of interactive meetings and lectures.

Marketing finance

Marketers and business employees collaborate with colleagues in order to create optimum value for both the customers and the company. However, marketers cannot convince customers outside the walls of their organization until they have first convinced the customers inside those walls. Insights from the field of Management Accounting & Control offer important guidelines for the justification and assessment of marketing investments.


  • Marketing performance
  • Fact-based marketing
  • Value-based marketing (generating insight into value creation)

Marketing leadership

One of marketing leadership’s major challenges is how to embed new marketing insights within your organization. This module therefore addresses the issue of designing for change. Examples include processes such as designing the end-to-end customer experience, pivoting toward a more customer-oriented organization and increasing innovative capacity. Needless to say, we also address the crucial role of marketing in this process and how marketing managers can help to implement change.


  • The marketer as the brand leader
  • Improving innovative capacity
  • Implementing the optimum customer experience
  • Company visit with group assignment

The power of the customer experience

Nowadays, products, services and processes are increasingly being digitized, automated and virtualized. The interface between the organization and its customers has therefore become the most important factor and customer contact is also becoming increasingly vital. This module addresses the management of service delivery processes and the latest insights and developments in the field of services marketing. Additionally, you learn how to increase the customer lifetime value (CLV) by assessing your organization’s policies on customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty and drawing up relevant recommendations with a positive impact on the CLV.


  • Experience marketing
  • Product versus services marketing
  • Experiencing the experience: company visit with group assignment

Building a strong brand

Organizations not only communicate with their customers – they also communicate with other stakeholders such as media, government and suppliers. They can ‘win the mind of the customer’ through ads, PR, direct marketing and other forms of communication. This module focuses on the importance of a strong brand both now and in the future. You will learn about the theoretical and the practical aspects of various forms of communication and brand identity, brand positioning and brand image. We discuss and practice new insights into measuring and managing these concepts. You will also gain hands-on experience with modern marketing communications and brand management in an inspiring environment.


  • Brand and brand value
  • Brand strategy and the brand management process
  • Branding in the digital age
  • Marketing automation and content marketing

The customer leader’s marketing canvas

Technological and demographic developments are happening all the time, and so customer orientation alone is no longer enough. The customer comes first. Within organizations, this mentality needs to be translated into the coherent application of competencies, resources, activities and media. In this module, you learn how to formulate a strategy that focuses on achieving a long-term customer value proposition and how to ensure that the customer comes first across your entire organization.


  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Segmentation
  • The marketing model

Putting customers first within your organization

This module addresses the importance and practical application of good marketing intelligence, and especially customer intelligence. Find out how to integrate structural research and analysis at your organization for better insight into customer behavior, customer needs, and key market trends. During this module, we move from traditional segmentation methodology to the individual consumer experience and market evolution. In doing so, we focus on value positioning and discuss the integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in value creation.


  • Customer insight
  • Digital marketing intelligence
  • Customer orientation


Upon successful completion of a module, you will receive a TIAS certificate.

Dates & Locations Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management 


Costs Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management

The cost of the Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management is € 3,600 per module (exempt from VAT). 

The module price includes:

  • Enrollment, registration and administration costs
  • Required literature, textbooks and course materials
  • Day packages (lunch, coffee/tea and soft drinks) on lecture days, meals during evening lectures
  • Access to the online learning environment

Additional costs:

  • Dinners and overnight stays
  • Software licenses (if specific software is required)

How do you finance your education?

You have found the program that best suits your learning goals and ambitions. But how do you finance this? There are different ways to do that. Your employer can play a role, but there are also interesting statutory regulations that you can use yourself. We list the possibilities for you.

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Faculty of the Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management

The Advanced Program in Marketing & Customer Management modules are taught by experienced lecturers with proven academic and practical experience.

Academic Director

Rudy Moenaert
Full Professor
Toni Sfirtsis
Associate Professor


Roemer Visser
Associate Professor
Michael Corbey
Full Professor
Filip Caeldries
Full Professor

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