Prof.dr. Rudy Moenaert MBA

Prof.dr. Rudy Moenaert MBA

Full Professor
Expert areas: Accounting & Control, Finance, Marketing (B2B Marketing, Innovation , Management, Market Research, Strategy), Quantitative Methods, Strategy & Innovation (Business Strategy, Product Innovation, Strategic Innovation, Strategic Management)


Rudy Moenaert holds a licentiate degree in applied economic sciences from the University of Antwerp (cum laude), and an MBA from the same university (magna cum laude). He earned his doctoral degree from the University of Ghent (summa cum laude) on the subject of the R&D/Marketing interface in technological innovation. Previously, he has been on the faculty of the Free University of Brussels (Brussels, Belgium), the Delft University of Technology (Delft, the Netherlands), the University of Ghent (Faculty of Economics and Business; Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School) and Nyenrode Business Universiteit (Breukelen, the Netherlands). He has also been a visiting doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, USA). In his consultancy, he has worked with companies such as Rabobank, InSites, Latexco, Robeco, ANWB, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Roxell, VelopA, Barco, KPN, GfK, Stork, Deceuninck, De Witte Lietaer, 3M, ING, etc.


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