Prof.dr. Ron Meyer

Prof.dr. Ron Meyer

Full Professor
Expert areas: Business & Society (Globalisation), Family Business (Strategy and Innovation), Management & Organisation (Business Policy, Change Management, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Decision Making, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Implementation of Change and Transition Processes, Innovation Management, International Management, Leadership, Strategic Management), Strategy & Innovation (Business Level Strategy, Business Strategy, Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Strategy, Strategic Corporate Governance, Strategic Decision Making, Strategic Innovation, Strategic Management, Strategy and Leadership)

Professor Ron Meyer is managing director of the Center for Strategy & Leadership, an international research, consulting and management development organisation, dedicated to improving companies' competences in the areas of strategic thinking, leadership, entrepreneurship, business innovation and change management. 

Ron Meyer is Professor of Strategic Leadership at TIAS, the business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. On the teaching side, Professor Meyer is involved in various masters programmes and acts as the academic director for a number of Company Specific Programmes. On the research side, he is working on research in the area of Managerial Cognition (what are the strategy beliefs of managers?), Strategic Leadership (which leadership styles do managers use in strategy making processes?) and Corporate Level Strategy (how do multi-business firms create value?). He also supervises a number of PhD students. 

Professor Meyer has both Canadian and Dutch nationality, as he was born and raised near Edmonton, Alberta, in a family of Dutch immigrants. Prof. Meyer  has a bachelors in political science from the University of Alberta and an MBA and PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam. For twelve years (1987-1998) he was an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management / Erasmus Graduate School of Management. During this period he taught strategy in 15 countries, at Universities and in companies, and acted as consultant to a wide variety of firms. For two years he was also Associate Director of Rotterdam School of Management, in charge of managing the MBA programme. 

In 1998 he started a strategy consulting firm, Strategy Works, which he ran successfully for a decade. In 2008 he sold his shares to start the Centre for Strategy & Leadership, which combines academic research with training and consulting. His activities at TIAS fit perfectly with his overall ambition to help bridge the widening gap between theory and practice in the field of corporate strategy and leadership. 

Professor Ron Meyer has (co-)authored numerous articles and books, among which the internationally leading textbook on strategic management, Strategy - Process, Content, Context: An International Perspective. Recently his newest book, Leadership Agility: Developing Your Repertoire of Leadership Styles, was published, together with an accompanying app (Leadership LEAP) and website (


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