Marcel van Assen Marcel van Assen

Endowed Professor
Expert areas: Management & Organisation (Change Management, Implementation of Change and Transition Processes, Innovation Management, Leadership, Operations Management, Performance Management, Quality Management, Service Management), Operations (Logistics Management, Operational Excellence), Strategy & Innovation (Process Innovation)

Biography Marcel van Assen is a Professor of Operational Excellence. He teaches (service) operations management / operational excellence in several MSc programs such as the Executive Master of Management & Organisation (MMO), the Executive Master of Operations &Supply Chain Excellence (MOS) and in the Executive Master of Finance & Control / Register Controller. In addition, he runs several master classes on Operational Excellence. The research of prof. Van Assen focuses on infrastructure, culture and leadership in operationally excellent organizations. He’s particularly interested in issues such as continuous improvement infrastructure, dynamic capability, operational ambidexterity and lean leadership. As a partner / managing consultant at OpX-Consultants BV he conducted over 100 consultancy projects on issues of strategy implementation, operations& innovation management and ambidexterity in both industrial and service organizations.


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