Prof.dr. Jan de Vuijst

Prof.dr. Jan de Vuijst

Full Professor
Expert areas: Context (Arts and Culture, Politics, Sociology, Technology), Family Business (Business Family Dynamics, Change Management, Consulting, Family Gender Diversity, Strategic Planning, Strategy and Innovation), Finance (Behavioural Finance), Health & Education (Business Processes, Education Management, Health Care Management, Innovation, Strategy), Management & Organisation (Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Business Policy, Career and Professional Development Coaching, Change Management, Consensus Building, Decision Making, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Development, Organisational Learning, Research and Development), Strategy & Innovation (Business Strategy, Conflict Management, Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Leadership)


Prof. Dr Jan de Vuijst (1954) is boardroom consultant, registered executive coach and professor of Information Science at Tilburg University. He graduated (MA) cum laude and finished his PhD at Groningen University, and specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Knowledge Systems at Edinburgh University. He is boardroom consultant in a variety of organizations, from small gamily businesses to multinationals. As a Professor he teaches in and is academic director for various TIAS programs, but also in leadership development and organizational development programs in both commercial, not for profit and governmental organizations.

Jan de Vuijst is also a professionally trained executive coach (certified as Master Practitioner by both the Netherlands and European Mentoring and Coaching Counsel). He works with both individuals and teams. His topics include leadership, organizational culture, change management, behavior and group dynamics.

Jan de Vuijst publishes articles, blogs, and in 2014 the monograph Professioneel adviseren (Professional Consultancy).

Jan de Vuijst was director for various consultancy and research organizations. As from 1998 he has his own professional consultancy and coaching practice, a network organization.


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