The Dutch Female Board Index 2010

August 31, 2010
The annual Female Board Index does not reveal any increase in the number of stock listed companies with women at the top; the number continues to stagnate at 39 out of 99 companies. On balance two additional women were appointed, a significant decrease compared with 2009, when on balance eleven women were appointed. In 2009, both more women were appointed (14) and fewer (3) left. In 2010, eight women were appointed and six left. This year, the percentage of all administrators and company directors represented by women hovers at 8.1% (2009: 7.7%).

Every year, researcher Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers publishes the number of women in Management and Supervisory Boards in all Dutch stock listed companies. The legislative proposal of women making up 30% of Management and Supervisory Boards by 1 January 2016, appears to be far from realistic: with a similar growth percentage at the beginning of 2016, women would represent 15.7% in Supervisory boards and 5.4% in Management Boards.

In the foreword to the Female Board Index Jos Streppel, chairman of the Corporate Governance Monitoring Committee, wrote that the modest increase in 2010 is no reflection of the importance of increased diversity and that attention for diversity must not slacken particularly in times of crisis. According to Streppel, diversity encourages a broad discussion with input and opinions from different perspectives. Ultimately it is in the interest of all the company's stakeholders. Moreover Lückerath does not understand why the growth is stagnating: "Everyone praises the importance of diversity but ultimately almost all the new 90 appointments this year involved men. The Netherlands was already lagging behind with the number of women at the top, the difference at the international level is only increasing."

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The Dutch Female Board Index 2010, Mijntje Luckerath (2010) - in Dutch
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