Dr. Eelco van Hout

Dr. Eelco van Hout

Associate Professor
Expert areas: Management & Organisation (Change Management, Human Resource Management, Public Administration, Strategic Management)


Eelco van Hout is an academic entrepreneur. He is Academic Director Leadership and Strategy in the public sector at TIAS School for Business and Society and independent consultant. He is also affiliated with TIAS as core lecturer within the executive Master of Public and Non-profit Management. Van Hout teaches in numerous in-company specific programs and regularly gives lectures and workshops. With his own company he develops and provides courses and workshops. Dr. van Hout is a public administrator and specializes in innovative organizational and network design and the effects of this on leadership, HRM, management and change processes in the public sector. He’s particularly interested in public-private network alliances and the strategic dilemmas they create for managers and administrators. Dr. van Hout obtained his PhD in 2001 for research into fundamental change processes in public administration. He connects science to consultancy in his work. He has been active as a consultant and process manager for over 20 years and has a very broad experience in almost all sectors of the public domain. His style is described as stimulating and inspiring, but also simply enthusiastic. He develops useful visionary prospects and, together with his audience, students and clients, reduces them to manageable proportions in everyday practice. Some of his recent (book) publications are: Zorg in Spagaat (2007) on the management of hybrid organizations, Verbonden Verantwoordelijkheden (2009) on the administrative relations between civil society and government, Goed Opdrachtgeverschap (2010) on strategic HRM and innovative organizational patterns in public administration, De Gebonden leraar. Goed werkgeverschap in het voortgezet onderwijs (2014), and Business and Society: Over het creëren van transformatieve impact (working title) (2023).


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