Mirella Minkman Mirella Minkman

Distinguished Professor
Expert areas: Health & Education (Health Care Management, Innovation, Strategy), Strategy & Innovation (Strategic Innovation, Strategic Management)


Prof. Dr. Mirella Minkman is distinguished Professor of Innovation of organization and governance of integrated long term care (Vilans Chair) and Director Research and Innovation at Vilans. She has extensive experience in the field of health care organization, collaboration issues and change processes. Her research focuses on how to organize and govern person centered and integrated care and welfare in our highly dynamic environment. As the health and welfare domain is a subject to structural changes and transformation, clients, professionals and boards are correspondingly confronted with challenges that have become increasingly complex. Mirella Minkman’s studies focus on what ingredients are essential and present in the organization and the government of integrated care, how they can interact and develop over time and what innovative concepts are possible and effective.


Mirella Minkman studied nursing at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, followed by Health Sciences at Maastricht University. In 2012 she obtained her PhD from Erasmus University with research in the integrated chain of care field, for which she won the EHMA/Karolinska Research award. Before becoming Program Leader of Innovation and Research at Vilans, Minkman worked as Program Leader in Elder Care at Vilans, led large scale implementation programs such as Zorg voor Beter and the National Dementia Program, and worked for the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement CBO and in the Radboud University Medical Center. Alongside her position at Vilans, she is a supervisor at the Inovum Foundation and Board Editor for the International Journal for Integrated Care, among other things. Minkman is author and co-author of seven books in the field of health care and has publications in a range of professional literature, including internationally.


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