Prof.dr. Theo Camps

Prof.dr. Theo Camps

Full Professor
Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Management ), Business & Society (Civil Society, Corporate Governance, Strategic Corporate Governance), Context (Politics), Family Business (Change Management, Consulting, Transition Management), Health & Education (Health Care Management, Strategy), Management & Organisation (Change Management, Corporate Governance, Decision Making, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Leadership, Public Administration, Public Policy), Strategy & Innovation (Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Corporate Governance, Strategy and Leadership)


Prof.dr. Theo Camps studied Public Administration at Radboud University (previously Nijmegen University). In 1995, he earned his PhD at Twente University with his thesis entitled 'Het besloten concilie der deskundigen' (The Closed Council of Experts). Theo Camps is Chairman of the Board of Berenschot Groep B.V. He primarily provides consulting services related to strategic issues, organizational development and organisational change, for profit as well as non-profit organisations. Furthermore, he is a professor of Organizational Science & Public Administration and Vanderkruijs Professor of Leadership at TIAS School for Business and Society of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. In recent years he was primarily involved in reforms in health care and financial services.

Theo Camps is non-executive chairman of a number of organizations, including Afvalverwerking Regio Nijmegen B.V. (a waste and energy company in the Nijmegen Region), KRO-NCRV (public broadcasting), Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen (financial services). In 2014-2015 he co-chaired the steering group that transformed the cooperative governance of Rabobank.
The Berenschot Groep B.V. is the number 1 consultancy in the Netherlands.


I received my basic academic training in political science/administrative science/public finance (bachelor and master) at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. For several years I was employed at that same university in management positions in planning and information departments. From 1985 on I entered the field of management consultancy and managed as CEO/co-owner for more than thirty years professional service firms (Rijnconsult Group, Berenschot Group). In 1995 I received my PhD at Twente Technical University. From that year on my involvement with TIAS intensified and I concentrated both on academia and professional work. In the year 2000 I was appointed as Professor in public administration and organizational studies. During the year 2012 I spend a few months in Boston as visiting professor at the Harvard Kennedy School (invitation from Prof Archon Fung). My research and teachning activities cover a broad range of subjects including organizational change, governance and leadership.


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