Prof.dr. Marc Vermeulen

Prof.dr. Marc Vermeulen

Full Professor
Expert areas: Health & Education (Education Management, Innovation, Strategy), Strategy & Innovation

Marc Vermeulen (born in 1958) is the academic director of the Strategy, Innovation and Governance program for top managers in the public domain. He is also responsible for several masterclasses. At TIAS he teaches about both strategic developments in the public domain and the methods and techniques for analyzing and predicting these developments.
He is Professor of Educational Sociology at TIAS. He thereby specializes in applied research relating to the education system and its relationship with adjacent social and economic systems. One important area of application is the labor market within the education sector itself (including shortage of teachers, teacher training, HRM). 
His field of work is now extending to other public domains (including healthcare, public housing, public administration). He specializes in strategic analyses and forecasts and regularly works as an adviser for major (educational) institutions and for the Dutch government. He is also internationally active in this field on a regular basis. Hence, his work has included involvement as a scientific adviser in the large-scale international forecasting exercise for education (Schooling for Tomorrow) carried out by OECD, and he recently advised the South African Department of Performance Monitoring & Evaluation.

In addition to his primary role at TIAS he also works as a freelance consultant and supervisor in the public domain. He is or has been involved in complex advice processes in areas including: macro effectiveness of the education system; quality of higher education; professionalism of teachers; and education time.

He is chairman of the Southern Court of Audit (Provinces of Brabant and Limburg) and also participates in several supervisory boards: of an organization for homeless people; a school for higher education; and a special needs school. He is also on the board of the Dutch/Flemish accreditation organization for higher education (NVAO).

Until the end of 2012 he was director of IVA Beleidsonderzoek en Advies, a research institution affiliated with Tilburg University, that specializes in applied research into complex policy problems and related issues in areas including employment, education, safety, care and welfare, culture, and social security.