Sietske Waslander Sietske Waslander

Full Professor
Expert areas: Context (Sociology), Health & Education (Education Management, Innovation, Strategy), Management & Organisation (Leadership, Public Policy, Research and Development), Quantitative Methods (Business Research Methods, Economics, Statistics), Strategy & Innovation (Strategy and Leadership)

Prof.dr. Sietske Waslander completed a Masters of Science (cum laude) in sociology, majoring in statistical research methods, policy research and the sociology of education. After having coordinated a large nationwide research project in New Zealand, she worked as international coordinator for the educational indicators project (PISA) of the OECD in Paris. After finishing her PhD (cum laude) on the marketization of education, she worked as a senior policy consultant. Appointed as full professor of sociology at the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen, she developed a bachelor and master of science in social consultancy. Fitting her passion to connect science, policy and practice, she works for TIAS since 2007. For seven years she was the Academic Director of the Executive Master of Management in Education (MSc) of TIAS. She is member of the GovernanceLAB and is responsible for a large research project on governance in complex education systems, and is also leading researcher in a nationwide longitudinal policy evaluation on systems reform. She teaches in various TIAS programmes, including Executive Masters, Master Classes and Company Specific Programs. Waslander is Crown member of the Dutch Education Council, the highest independent advisory body for cabinet and parliament.


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