Faculty (Filtered by V)

  • Dhr. Joy van der Veer MSc
    Adjunct Professor
    Joy van der Veer is member of the SRA (“Cooperation of Register Accountants and Accountant-Administration Consultants”, organisation of independent and public accountants in the Netherlands). As professional teacher for SRA and TIAS, he teaches various courses in Corporate Finance and Business...
  • Prof.dr. Arco van de Ven RA
    Full Professor
    Dr. Arco van de Ven is Professor Internal Control, Accounting Information Systems at TIAS, the business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. He obtained his PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam where he has also been program director of the postgraduate Executive Master of Finance & Control and the postgraduate...
  • Prof.dr. Theo Verhallen
    Professor Emeritus
    Theo M.M. Verhallen is professor of marketing since 1988, from 2010 on research director at TIAS and director of TiSIL, Tilburg Social Innovation Lab, the new topinstitute on social innovation to further the development of the region of Middle Brabant. Prof.dr. Verhallen studied economics in Tilburg and psychology in Nijmegen to work in the...
  • Prof.dr. Marc Vermeulen
    Full Professor
    Prof. Marc Vermeulen (born 1958) is the academic director of the Strategy, Innovation and Governance course for top managers in the public domain. He is also responsible for a number of programmes for managers in education. At TIAS he teaches about both strategic developments in the public domain and the methods and techniques for analysing and...
  • Mw.dr. Daniëlle Verschuren
    Associate Professor
    Danielle Verschuren finished a teacher training in Social Studies and Social Skills. After that she graduated in Organizational anthropology at VU University. She taught social studies in Intermediate Vocational Education and communication skilss in Higher Education. In addition she managed a department. After her graduation at VU University she...
  • Dr. Roemer Visser
    Executive Professor
    As Executive Professor at TIAS School for Business and Society, Roemer designs and delivers leadership development workshops for corporate clients, helping their senior leaders get the best out of themselves and their teams. Besides teaching leadership in Executive MBA programs, he has worked with clients such as Royal IHC, DLL, Atradius, Marel,...
  • Prof.dr. Fred Vlotman
    Professor Emeritus
    Prof.dr. F.W. Vlotman (1946) has been Professor of Management Accounting at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TISEM) at Tilburg University. At this university, Vlotman founded the post-doctoral study of Register Controller (RC). He still coöperates to this and other RC and Executive Master in Finance and Control (EMFC) programmes,...
  • Prof.dr. Peter van der Voort
    Professor Health Care
    Peter van der Voort is Academic Director of the Executive Master Health Administration (MHA) and professor Health Care at TIAS since 2013. He is educated as a physician at VU medical center and as internist-intensivist at AMC and OLVG. He has a master degree on epidemiology since 2006. He is professor Intensive Care Medicine at the University of...
  • Prof.dr. Jan de Vuijst
    Full Professor
    Prof. Dr Jan de Vuijst (1954) is board room consultant, registered executive coach and professor of Information Science at Tilburg University. He graduated (MA) cum laude and finished his PhD at Groningen University, and specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Knowledge Systems at Edinburgh University. He is board room consultant...
Apart from its core faculty members, TIAS School for Business and Society brings together lecturers from universities around the world. Drawn from both academia and management consultancy, TIAS faculty share extensive teaching and research experience as well as specific industry expertise.