Prof.dr. Eddy Vaassen RA

Prof.dr. Eddy Vaassen RA

Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Accounting Information Systems, Auditing, Internal Control), Information Technology (IT Governance, IT Innovation, IT Security, IT Trends)


Dr. Eddy Vaassen is Professor of Accountancy at Tilburg University and a Scientific Advisor at BDO. He is also affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam, a member of the CEA (Commissie Eindtermen Accountantsopleiding), and the Vice-President Europe/Africa/Mid East of the Special Interest Group for Accounting Information Systems of the Association for Information Systems.
He is a Registered Accountant (RA) and has a PhD from Maastricht University. His publications - including seven textbooks - are in the fields of AIS, Information Management, and Management control. Eddy is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Information Systems, Global Perspectives on Accounting Education, the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, the International Journal of Digital Accounting Research, and the International Journal of Accounting and Information Management.
He supervises and has supervised doctoral dissertations on process mining, the factors explaining ERP use, decision aid use in auditing, contract auditing, professional judgment in internal control assessments, business value of IT, audit innovations, and just in time information provision. He is regularly involved in continuing professional education activities for professionals from various companies and institutions. Current and previous assignments include KLM, Nuon, Rabobank, ING, BDO, Baker Tilly, TIAS Business School, VU Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam Business School, Avans+, KPN, Energy Delta Institute, Maastricht University, NBA, ABN AMRO, Alliander, APG, Dutch Tax Department, and the Association of Registered Controllers.


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