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Wim Pauw Adjunct Professor at TIAS

By Wim Pauw | November 9, 2023 | 2 min read
Wim PauwAs of September 1, 2023, Wim Pauw has become an Adjunct Professor at TIAS School for Business and Society. Furthermore, he serves as the Co-Academic Director of the Executive Master of IT-Auditing (EMITA) at TIAS. In this new role, he delivers various lectures and shares his extensive expertise and practical experience.

Wim Pauw has held various responsibilities in both profit and non-profit organizations, particularly in the areas of (non-financial) risk management, IT security, and compliance. He has been involved in optimizing the performance of multidisciplinary teams in complex environments and large intergovernmental public programs.

Pragmatic and Practice-Oriented

His approach as a lecturer, as well as a Co-Academic Director, is pragmatic, with a focus on clear communication and a good understanding of the interests of students and stakeholders, without losing sight of the ultimate goals. Wim says, ‘I am also an alumnus of the EMITA program at TIAS, and the reason I decided to work at TIAS is the same reason I once chose to undertake this program at TIAS: the strong practice-oriented design of an academic executive master's program.

We don't educate academic researchers, but better IT auditors. We do this in a healthy mix of full-time academics and industry practitioners. Knowledge transfer combined with dialogue and application. The final assignment for EMITA is preferably a practical study: the actual execution of an IT audit with academic accountability. Graduation thus becomes directly socially relevant, giving back time and knowledge to clients and the market.’

Extensive Experience

In addition to his role at TIAS, where he has received the 'teacher of the year' award, Wim is also an enthusiastic trainer, including at the Guild of Trainers, where he focuses on practical and pragmatic risk management. He shares his knowledge with passion and humor. Wim is an 'campaigner' (MBTI: ENFP) and has extensive experience in coaching employees and team managers at various levels, with a focus on stimulating personal development. He leverages his extensive knowledge and experience to support teams and organizations in achieving the desired level of maturity. Furthermore, Wim is an experienced speaker and author of various articles on topics such as risk management, information security, and auditing.

‘Teaching, for me, is not about filling a vessel, but igniting a fire. I get energy from simplifying complex concepts and love to see the 'pennies drop' for students. With this dedication, I want to contribute to both the business world and society as a faculty member at TIAS and further improve education at this business school, ‘says Wim.

In his role as Co-Academic Director of the Executive Master of IT-Auditing, Wim Pauw guides participants throughout the program and works closely with Prof. Dr. Rob Fijneman RE RA, the Academic Director of the program since 1999.

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At TIAS, we work with an international team of passionate, experienced, and renowned top lecturers who not only possess in-depth academic knowledge but also have strong connections to the business world, society, and science. The addition of Wim Pauw will further enrich the educational program at TIAS and contribute to the mission of providing high-quality education to the next generation of leaders who want to bring out the best in themselves and make an impact on their organization and its surroundings.

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