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Shortened IT auditing program make chartered accountants better interlocutors.

July 14, 2015 | 1 min read

A Chartered Accountant cannot do his auditing work without IT knowledge. That is why René van Oosterhout RA, Chartered Accountant at Flynth, chose the shortened program of the TIAS Master of IT Auditing.

"During my training as a Chartered Accountant and in the course of my work, I already noticed the increasing importance of process automation. This is also evident from the various reports published by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten - AFM) on the investigations into the quality of statutory audits. The question a Chartered Accountant must constantly ask himself is what impact an automated environment has on the audit of the annual accounts. I personally like to have that knowledge myself and do not want to depend on others for it. That's why I opted for training as an IT auditor."

Van Oosterhout must complete two modules and a final project. Then he will have completed the program. "The training makes me a better interlocutor – I notice that already. I understand the thought process of the IT auditor better. The IT auditor must be managed by the auditor within the framework of the audit of the annual accounts. The accountant must assess whether sufficient work was done to support it. If you have no knowledge of the risks related to IT, how to manage this as an organization and audit it as an accountant, then it is difficult to make that assessment."

Shortened program for Chartered Accountants
Do you also want to be a better interlocutor for IT auditor colleagues?TIAS offers Chartered Accountants a shortened program within the Master of IT Auditing.The course duration is two years instead of two and a half years and you receive a 20% discount on the program fee.

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