Ralph So MD

Ralph So MD

Expert areas: Health & Education


Ralph has been working since 2001 as an anesthesiologist-intensivist at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht, a large teaching hospital. During his time in the Medical Board (2005-2012) he became fascinated by (the organization of) quality and safety in (hospital) healthcare.

Since 2009 he was appointed as medical chief quality officer of the department Quality, Safety & Innovation. Also, co-initiator (2013) and chair (since 2015) of the National  Network of Patient Safety Officers of the  Federation Medical Specialists.
Trained as an anesthesiologist at the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam (2000) and additionally trained as an intensivist at the Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam (European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine, 2003). Recently completed a Master of Health Care Delivery Science (2017-2019) at Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA.

Area of expertise: quality & safety in healthcare, rapid response systems, human resource management medical specialists