Prof.dr. Nardo van der Meer MBA

Prof.dr. Nardo van der Meer MBA

Full Professor
Expert areas: Health & Education (Health Care Management)


Nardo van der Meer is a licensed physician and the CEO of the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This, 600 beds large, non-academic teaching hospital, founded in 1843, employs over 4000 people and has a turnover of 480 million euro.

He is a full professor at the Tilburg University and particularly interested in leadership, conflicts and negotiations. Together with a team of healthcare and teaching professionals he developed and coordinates several teaching programs for healthcare professionals helping them to lead in their own institutions and change their organizations.

Until very recently (2020) he was a practicing cardiac anesthesiologist-intensivist and chair of the department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine of the AmphiaHospital Breda and Oosterhout, the Netherlands.

Dr. van der Meer started his career at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam where he joined the faculty in 2001. In 2004 he took on the role of director ICU at the Amphia Hospital and successfully oversaw the merger of 4 individual ICU’s into one ICU organization of 38 beds. He earned an international master’s degree in business administration from the Erasmus school of management Rotterdam in 2009.

Since then, he has served in several administrative roles of increasing responsibility, including chair of the board for medical affairs of the Amphia Hospital, interim director of the ICU of the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam and member of the supervisory board of the Gelderse Vallei Hospital in Ede. 

As licensed and practicing cardiac anesthesiologist and intensivist, Dr. van der Meer continued to treat patients till 2021, allowing him to experience firsthand the impact of the decisions which executive teams including himself make on behalf of the hospital. 

He was the founding editor in chief of A&I, a well-known CME journal for anesthesiologists and intensivists in the Netherlands. He also held a position in the editorial board of the British Journal of Anesthesiology Education. He is a (co)author of more than 60 book chapters and peer reviewed scientific publications in leading medical journals. Currently he oversees several scientific (Ph.D) and educational projects in cooperation with other leading institutions like Catharina Hospital Eindhoven, Technical University Eindhoven, Amphia Hospital Breda and Brown University in Providence US.

Dr. van der Meer is active in several community and professional organizations, volunteering time as member of the medical team in a Lourdes pilgrimage organization.


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