Webinar: Implementing a sustainable strategy and telling it

September 5, 2013

Many companies want to align themselves with the new business reality in order to create a sustainable strategy as a guarantee for a healthy long term future. In doing so, they emphasize the involvement of their existing and new influential stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, the government, NGOs and universities.

But what is the process to get from mapping their stakeholders’ interests to setting the right ambitions? How should one consider and measure targets related to the environment, the social aspect and the governance (i.e., “ESG”) of the company? What possibilities do companies have to report progress on these dimensions and when do improvements lead to value creation? Many companies face the risk of falling in the reporting trap.

This webinar explains a structured process to move towards a sustainable strategy and a way to effectively communicate this (avoiding the reporting trap). Guest speaker, Jan van der Kaaij (managing partner of Between-us), also illustrates the steps in the implementation of a sustainable strategy process with the cable company Telenet (a subsidiary of Liberty Global). In only a few years, Telenet became the supersector leader within the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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