Prof.dr. Ben Jacobsen

Prof.dr. Ben Jacobsen

Full Professor
Expert areas: Finance (Asset Pricing, Behavioural Finance, Capital Markets, Estate Planning, Financial Analysis, Financial Engineering, Financial Institutions, International Finance, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Investments, Personal Financial Planning, Private Banking Services, Quantitative Finance)


Professor Ben Jacobsen is a Professor of Finance at the TIAS Business School at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. He has taught all over the world. From students in New Zealand to Bankers in Russia, from academics in Malaysia to Investment Managers in South Africa. His research focuses on forecasting financial markets and behavioural finance. Ben has published over thirty refereed academic journal articles in, among others, the American Economic Review, Management Science and the Journal of Financial Economics. In over five hundred columns and thirty articles he has discussed insights of academic research for professional and private investors. He has written six books on investments and has been a columnist for different Dutch magazines and newspapers (including HP/DeTijd, De Volkskrant and het Algemeen Dagblad). Ben is an associate editor of the Journal of Banking and Finance.


His research is actively used by hedge funds and mutual funds around the world and given its practical relevance his academic work has been discussed in major international magazines and newspapers such as the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the New York Times. His work is also regularly quoted on major websites such as Market WatchForbes and Barron's.


Ben lives in Portugal and he worked previously at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Massey University in New Zealand, the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Ben holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Amsterdam (1997). He is also a member of the New Zealand Institute of Advanced Study. 

Ben has worked as a consultant for a large number of financial institutions and the media. He develops quant automated trading systems and manages some portfolios for the very happy few in his spare time. 


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