Prof.dr. Frans de Roon

Prof.dr. Frans de Roon

Full Professor
Expert areas: Finance (Asset Pricing, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Finance Theory, Financial Analysis, Financial Derivatives, Financial Engineering, Financial Institutions, Financial Management, Financial Planning, International Finance, Investment Management, Investments, Personal Financial Planning, Risk Management)


Frans de Roon’s research activities span financial markets, with a special emphasis on portfolio problems, empirical finance, commodities, emerging markets, and currency markets. He is also a pioneer in conducting research on the valuation of non-listed companies. Prof. de Roon holds a PhD. from Tilburg University (1997) on portfolio choice and asset pricing.

Frans teaches various courses in Finance, for Ph.D students, MBA students, and executives. Apart from his teaching and research experience, he has broad experience in applied research projects and consultancy, in particular in Asset & Liability Management, Investments, and Valuation. He is a regular consultant in court cases on investment management and valuation.



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