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Webinar: Why choose a TIAS Executive MBA?

By Eric Dooms | May 27, 2015 | 1 min read

Why is the TIAS Executive MBA the #20 in Europe, according to the Economist Which MBA Ranking? Academic Director dr. Eric Dooms explains during a 20 minute-webinar why our program is the perfect fit for you.

Dooms will highlight the unique aspects of our program and how it will help you to boost your career. 

TIAS’ Executive MBA program is No. 2 in the Netherlands, No. 20 in Europe and No. 62 in the world, according to the Economist. The TIAS Executive MBA scores particularly well on the diversity of the participants and the quality of the faculty and the program. TIAS pays a lot of attention to diversity in the classroom, both in terms of nationality and in terms of gender.

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