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Webinar: A Comprehensive IT Cost Model for Better Managing IT

January 29, 2015 | 1 min read

The Mexican federal government wanted to compare the cost performance and management maturity for all its agencies. Accordingly, we prepared a comprehensive Cost/Value/Maturity model for IT organizations and applied it to 113 of the largest Mexican federal agencies.  

This Webinar describes the model, the results it produced, and how this model can help any IT organization to better understand and communicate to business management its costs and performance.

Please join us at this free Webinar on 6th February. It starts at 12.30PM.

The cost part of the Cost/Value/Maturity model combined two factors. First, we wanted to standardize the description of IT activities, so that the cost of one agency's activities (say, project development) could be compared to all other agency's activities in a consistent fashion.

We employed a five-component portfolio model to reflect 100% of all IT activities: The five components are application services, infrastructure services, project services, technical (user) services, and management services. By employing this standard portfolio model, every agency described its IT in the same way allowing for government-wide analysis and comparison. 

Second, we wanted to add significant management information cost analysis, such as the cost of IT in each agency's separate business units, the cost of IT for each application, and the total cost of ownership for applications and IT as a whole.  

The Webinar will describe the model, how the data is (easily) collected, and the result produced for individual agency management and for the government as a whole.  

Bob Benson's motto: "If you don't know cost, you don't know anything."

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Bob Benson is a Fellow with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology Strategies practice. He is also a Principal with The Beta Group. For 40 years, Mr. Benson taught computer science and information management at Washington University in St. Louis (USA), where he also served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Computing and Communications, Dean, CIO, and in various financial executive positions. He has also taught information management at Tilburg University (the Netherlands) for 20 years and is a member of its faculty.      

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