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Banker and Motivation - New organizational structures for retail banks

By Michael Corbey | January 1, 2014 | 1 min read

There is a lot of debate about the role of (retail) banks in modern society. It is argued that ‘the new bank’ should be stable and customer-oriented.

This study by Rogier van Rosmalen and Michael Corbey deals with the question whether it is possible to transform existing banks into the desired ‘new banks’. From a motivational perspective, this phenomenon is known as the crowding-in effect of intrinsic motivation. However, there is not much known in the literature about this crowding-in of intrinsic motivation. There is more empirical evidence about the opposite effect: the crowding-out of intrinsic motivation. If one looks at organization theory, there is a also a relationship with agency-theory and stewardship theory.

Results of this Delphi-study indicate that experts are of the opinion that it should be possible to transform existing banks into ‘new banks’. Nevertheless, they also indicate that this transition will take a lot of time. Some even refer to the need for a new generation of bankers. The experts also indicate that incentives are not the most important bottle-neck here. The real problem in their view is the enormous increase of rules and regulations.

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Bankier en motivatie: Een Delphi-onderzoek naar toekomstige bancaire organisatievormen, Corbey, Van Rosmalen (2014) - in Dutch