Prof.dr. Misja Mikkers RA

Prof.dr. Misja Mikkers RA



Misja Mikkers is chief economist and manager of the Economic and Medical Bureau of the NZa (Dutch Healthcare Authority). He is responsible for economic research and data science.
Since 2016 Misja has combined his position as chief economist with the NZa chair Organization and financing of the healthcare sector at Tilburg University.

Since 2003 he has fulfilled various roles at the NZa. A common thread in his working life is the determination of prices in imperfect markets: from 1991 to 2000 at Belastingdienst (the Dutch Tax Authorities) with a focus on transfer pricing; then until 2006 at the NMa (now ACM: the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets) in energy markets; and since the establishment of the NZa in the field of healthcare.

In 2008, Misja obtained a PhD in economics from the University of Copenhagen with a dissertation on the theory and practice of regulatory design.