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‘Leadership has to be consistent with who you are’

By Roemer Visser | December 14, 2023 | 1 min read

‘I find it fascinating how a how come you can put a competent, well-intentioned group of people together and the best results that they get is that they make each other's lives miserable. How does that work? It's leadership. That's what makes the difference.’

‘Making decisions is one thing, real leadership is another. At TIAS we create space for reflection and that discovery to figure out: ‘What is truly important for me. How can I make it happen and what's going to be the next step?’

As Associate Professor at TIAS School for Business and Society, Roemer Visser designs and delivers leadership development workshops for corporate clients, helping their senior leaders get the best out of themselves and their teams.

Watch the video featuring Roemer Visser.

Roemer Visser is Academic Director of the Executive MBA program and is a facultymember in a.o. TIAS Customized InCompany Programs and the Management Teams & Leadership Master Class.

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