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Auditing complex digital systems and technologies

By Rob Fijneman | November 23, 2022 | 1 min read
Technology is becoming more complex by the day, also according to many IT Auditors. Many new advanced information systems such as cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence are also difficult to control. That is why Rob Fijneman of TIAS Business School and Egon Berghout of ESAA have brought together the expertise of IT professionals about auditing complex IT systems in the open access book ‘Advanced Digital Auditing’.

Rapid development IT-auditing

The book discusses the most modern approach to auditing complex digital systems and technologies. It combines proven auditing approaches, advanced programming techniques and complex application areas, and covers the latest findings on theory and practice in this rapidly developing field. 

Rob Fijneman: ‘With this book, we want to provide a valuable resource for those who want to learn more about novel approaches to testing complex information systems and related technologies, such as blockchain and self-learning systems.’ 

A sneak peek of the contents:

• Auditing Complexity 
• Introduction to Advanced Information Technology 
• The Intercompany Settlement Blockchain: Benefits, Risks, and Internal IT-Controls 
• Understanding Algorithms 
• Keeping Control on Deep Learning Image Recognition Algorithms 
• Algorithm Assurance: Auditing Applications of Artificial Intelligence 
• Demystifying Public Cloud Auditing for IT Auditors 
• Process Mining for Detailed Process Analysis 

The book is published by Springer and freely available on their website. You can find it here »

Prof.dr. Rob Fijneman RE RA combines being a professor in IT auditing and Academic Director of the Executive Master of IT Auditing at TIAS School for Business and Society with being a Technology Audit partner at KPMG AG in Switzerland. 

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