Prof.dr. Rob Fijneman RE RA

Prof.dr. Rob Fijneman RE RA

Full Professor
Expert areas: Accounting & Control (Accounting Information Systems, Auditing), Business & Society (Global Sourcing), Information Technology (COBIT, Data Center Management, Information Security Management, IT Compliance, IT Governance, IT Infrastructure, IT Innovation, IT Managing Implementation, IT Managing Operations, IT Security, IT Trends), Management & Organisation (IT Management), Strategy & Innovation (Information Strategy)

Rob is a seasoned IT auditing professional focusing on the full portfolio of IT audit and advisory. He started his business career at KPMG in 1986 and has been working with many multinationals across different industries. He was the lead Advisory partner for several multinationals before moving back into the core Audit function. In 2021 Rob joined KPMG Switzerland and is currently serving 2 multinationals as the global IT audit partner. Over the years Rob has been holding various global IT audit management roles at KPMG, from 2014 till 2019 Rob was Member of the Board as the Head of Advisory and for one year also the interim CEO of KPMG Netherlands. 

His academic career spans 25 years. After finalizing his PH.D. in 1999 he started coordinating the MSc of IT auditing at TIAS. In 2004 he became professor in IT auditing. He is member of the Ethical Committee of the Dutch professional body of IT auditing (NOREA). In 2019 Rob was honored with the Officer of Oranje Nassau degree for his contributions to the field of IT auditing.


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