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October 20, 2016 | 1 min read
Firms become progressively more tightly coupled in global supply chains, rather than being large vertically integrated monoliths. In this perspective, how can these firms be more sustainable? Dr. Tarkan Tan of Technical University of Eindhoven elaborates on this topic during the webinar Sustainable Supply Chains. 


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For a firm to thrive, it is increasingly imperative that it is aware of economic, environmental and social dimensions of the entire supply chain it belongs to, and that it proactively monitors and manages those. Finding efficient solutions towards a more sustainable supply chain is increasingly important for managers, but clearly this raises difficult questions, often without clear answers. 
Sustainable Supply Chains is the name of the book recently published by dr. Tan and three of his colleagues. It aims to provide insights into these kinds of questions for students and practitioners, based on the latest academic research. 

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