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TIAS organizes tailored workshops for Brainport-entrepreneurs

July 21, 2014 | 1 min read

Brainport Development selected TIAS School for Business and Society as one of the educational suppliers in the NextOEM program. The NextOEM program supports technology companies in the Brainport region in their growth phase.  3 of the 7 workshops are given by TIAS.

The first TIAS workshop was about the identification of new market opportunities using an innovation methodology called Reverse TRIZ and it was given by Valeri Souchkov on May 14th. The second workshop about consultative selling was given by Regis Lemmens on June 20th. The third workshop about international sales will be given on September 18th by Peter Gillies.

The TIAS program is a blended program. The TIAS workshops are case-based supporting the individual participating companies to develop and apply the skills and capabilities needed to grow. The pre (collection of questions from the participants) and post (follow-up and valuation) sessions support the fine-tuning and the tailoring of the TIAS workshops to the specific needs of the participating companies.

Academic Director Anna Sabidussi: “It is a well-known paradox in Europe and in The Netherlands that the excellence in developing innovation is not always associated with fully appropriating the associated business benefits. Growing and crossing the so-called ‘Valley of Death’ is a challenge and requires specific skills and competences to be successful. The TIAS workshops contribute to the acceleration process and support companies participating in the NextOEM program to achieve market and business expansion. ”

The feed-back from the participants has been positive: for example, one of the participants commented about the first session ‘Top workshop, learned a lot!’ and another participant reported about the second session ‘Great day!’.

TIAS looks forward to further supporting the NextOEM companies in their growth journey.