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Scope for financial deepening and broadening

May 30, 2016 | 2 min read

As a management consultant and interim manager, Stef Hinfelaar was often involved with financial challenges. In order to boost his level of knowledge, he followed the Executive Master in Finance at TIAS.

Why did you choose this program?
In '92 I followed my last study program, Business administration, and I needed deepening once more. Moreover, I noticed that in my daily activities, I often encountered financial issues. From financial and valuation issues to risk management. I simply needed to acquire more knowledge. MIF suited best due to its breadth and the subjects handled. For me there was no alternative program available in the Netherlands that does it at this level and in this way. Moreover, I think TIAS is a reputable organization.

Did MIF meet your expectations?
Exceptionally well. I attended the lectures with pleasure. In general, the professors were also very good. I enjoyed all subjects because for me they were very supplementary or new. That applies a little less to the strategy theme, because I had studied that in some depth in my previous study programs. But the modules Finance, both Entrepreneurial and Advanced Corporate, were very interesting, just as the valuation issues that were handled. The Risk management subject was also educative, especially in relation to option theories.During the master, a whole range of issues are dealt with that have given me a lot of deepening and broadening.

Can you practically apply this knowledge in your daily activities?
I have obtained a lot of knowledge from the master, particularly for valuation issues. I am now also better able to make the most of annual reports and I have really been able to tackle the subject of "tax"; now I understand how certain things are done. I have also reaped a lot of benefit from Entrepreneurial Finance. For instance, how exactly term sheets work, the terms used and the manner in which often certain traps are laid in them that can have an extremely negative impact on the entrepreneur. For me that was a gigantic eye-opener.

How did you experience the study pressure?
Pithy. I admire the participants with a full time job and small children. I took a step back from my activities in order to pay more attention to my study. I really enjoyed it. It was lovely to delve into the books again, to carry out assignments, to immerse myself. That suits this period in my life very well.

Now you don't get all that input any more. Do you miss that?
I enjoyed it so much, that I have continued with the next study program, the Master of Business Valuation. That connects to this seamlessly. Highly recommended.

And if you were to recommend the Master in Finance to others, what would you say?
You learn the newest things connected with the financial world. Whatever is going on, you are given it on a plate. It enriches your knowledge area. And it can also be a perfect impulse for you to specialize further. That is not so necessary for an entrepreneur, I think. I simply need that breadth for my activities. If you have a broad base like that, then it is good to go into greater depth occasionally. For me that was a very good moment, it just suited well.

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